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Comment: Re:BCC still existed? (Score 1) 366

by tilandal (#35268154) Attached to: The Death of BCC

BCC is simply a tool to keep the privacy of e-mail addresses. There is no inherent expectation of confidential knowledge. If you want something to be confidential you should explicitly say so which means forwarding the e-mail with an explanation. It seems to me like the author of that article is just complaining because people do not use e-mail the way he wants them too.

Comment: Re:Personally? (Score 5, Interesting) 702

by tilandal (#33220460) Attached to: The Case Against Net Neutrality

Last time I went to the DMV I walked in, picked up a number, waited about 5 mins, talked to a teller and was out the door all on my lunch break.

Last time I tried to buy high speed internet it took 2 hours on the phone, 3 customer service reps, and 2 canceled installer appointments (I got the self install kit) to get my cable modem registered. After all of that they didn't even remember to bill me for it. When they did remember to bill me for it several months later they sent some installers to put filters on the line. They didn't do it right and disconnected me instead. They sent another 2 installers over to fix it but those two forgot to put the filters on the line so it was all for nothing anyway.

Comment: Re:This is BS (Score 1) 484

by tilandal (#32734958) Attached to: Dell Selling Faulty PCs

At the moment being the key word. My company built 6 computers a few years ago that had this cap problem. One of them failed at 2 years all of the rest failed by 4 years with 3 all failing in the same month. Looking at the motherboards the vented cap was easily visible. You might get lucky but chances are if you have a defective cap it will fail within a few years if you use the computer regularly.

Comment: Re:Well then, (Score 1) 780

by tilandal (#32693512) Attached to: SCOTUS Rules Petiton Signatures Are Public Record

Actually there is no Constitutional Requirement for a secret ballot but there is no requirement for a public ballot either. Up until 1880 most US elections were by public ballot. The decision to use a secret or public ballot is left up to each individual state. Most states now use a secret ballot that is specifically designed to be untraceable to a specific voter but that is not a requirement. All other records are generally public information including your voter registration records and whether you voted or not. Since a petition only supports one view point it is not possible to have a secret petition that is in any way verifiable.

Comment: Re:Can we really trust reviews of SSDs? (Score 4, Interesting) 56

by tilandal (#31861328) Attached to: WD, Intel, Corsair, Kingston, Plextor SSDs Collide

SSD's are not commodity products where one manufacturer simply slaps a label on an OEM product. There is actually a large amount of complexity in these drives with different storage controllers, caches and memory playing a large roll in performance and reliability.

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