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Comment: Re:Lemons deserve mud (Score 1) 501

by tiedemann (#35558342) Attached to: 2011 MacBook Pros Confirmed To Crash Under Load

*All* MacBooks and MBP's older than 3 yrs belonging to people in my immediate surroundings have problems with hanging/freezing and/or screen glitches.
2 years ago one of my closest friends had to return his brand new 17" MBP *four times* due to broken hardware.
Apple != quality.

I'm not saying others are better, just that the hype surrounding Apple hardware is bollocks.

Comment: Re:With what host? (Score 2) 154

by tiedemann (#32044130) Attached to: VirtualBox Beta Supports OS X As Guest OS On Macs

Well, "Mac OS X guest on a Mac from a Windows or Linux host" implies running another OS on Mac/Apple hardware, does it not?

I'd love to run OS X as guest OS on my dev machine (not Apple) to test web pages on OS X Safari instead of powering up the old MacBook.
Yes, it's webkit and I can use Chrome but still some form elements render differently.

If it's working, the diagnostics say it's fine. If it's not working, the diagnostics say it's fine. - A proposed addition to rules for realtime programming