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Comment Re: ... and the hype for Windows 10 begins.... (Score 1) 405 405

Obstinate reading comprehension fail. "Use VMWare player" "I don't want to set up dual boot". Seriously? Nobody asks you to dual boot anything. You really need to try things out. Download the damn player, set it up, install Windows 10, go. When you're done, delete the VM image files, uninstall the player, and nobody will even know that Win 10 was on your system. Sheesh.

Comment Re: ... and the hype for Windows 10 begins.... (Score 1) 405 405

You know what? I agree. I fully do. You've nailed it. Thanks. I thought I was the only one who thought that way. As soon as OS X on Intel became usable, I dumped my KDE desktop and wouldn't look back. GDK, with its clunkiness and lack of performance of Windows is the downfall of popular open source like Inkscape and GIMP... Ehh...

Comment Re:Linux, on the other hand... (Score 1) 405 405

Modern windows kernels and their driver infrastructure are quite technically advanced. At least all default filesystems on Windows support asynchronous I/O. On Linux, no filesystems support it IIRC, so the best you can do is spin a couple of worker threads to sleep on file I/O if you want a responsive application. Sigh...

Comment Re:Yeah, check back in a few days (Score 1) 405 405

Frankly said, on the machines we manage, we turn this shit off. The transparent web proxy scans for malware, the email system scans for malware too, we have partitioned our office PCs so that they only see the server (one PC per vnet on the switch), and we have stuff imaged for speedy recovery. Seems to work fine so far, and we get what we paid for in hardware. Defender has always slowed things down.

Comment Re: Cool story bro. (Score 1) 405 405

I did too! Heck, I even reported a bug to Samna, and they shipped me a new set of disks, with the bug fixed. To fucking Eastern Europe behind Iron Curtain, no less. If there are any ex-Samna people here, you have my unending respect. I loved your product and your customer service.

Comment Re:What Would It Cost To Build a Mac Pro? (Score 1) 405 405

There's absolutely nothing special about internal hard drives. Mac Pro doesn't have them, it has an embedded SSD module. Hard drives are external on Mac Pro.

You can attach any graphics card, or really any PCI or PCIe card supported by OS X via thunderbolt. Get an external card cage and enjoy.

If the PSU fails, you have Apple replace it. If the logic board fails, you have Apple replace it.

Comment Re:Good thing I used CmdrTaco's info (Score 1) 446 446

Don't worry, that's what I use too, except I've got two of them, and one is not used for anything.

If you're not on the phone all the time, a Tracfone is a very good deal. These days you can get 1 year with about 800 minutes for just shy of $100. Not bad.

Comment Re:Good thing I used CmdrTaco's info (Score 1) 446 446

I've been doing it for so long that I was thinking that it must be a widely known thing, just like you aren't supposed to click on the "your computer is infected" browser popups. Wait a moment. Yeah, sorry, silly me, what was I thinking. /s

Although to be frank, there's nothing difficult about it. Have a CC account, order an extra card online, it'll come free to your address. When signing up for things, use that card. Boom, done. Takes 5 minutes, one time to set it up, per CC account.

Comment Re:How did it react during the accident? (Score 1) 549 549

No. I know exactly what you wrote, and I made it clear what the negative physical implications are. You have some sort of a magical, non-physical way of viewing the world that is pure, unadulterated fiction.

I lessened the brake pressure to reduce damage by allowing my vehicle to move forward a bit

By the time your vehicle has moved forward any appreciable distance (say more than a foot), the peak accelerations are over, and the damage to your body is done. You are crazy. Stop it.

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