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Comment: Re:This is about accountability (Score 1) 448

I've heard worse first-hand and frankly said it takes some rationality to separate the wheat form the chaff. It's bad, but internet trolling almost always degenerates downwards, it goes from bad to worse to mind-bogglingly disgusting. It's not about ignoring the trolls, the trolls should be scolded, but arbitrary mob justice isn't the answer.

Comment: Re:This is about accountability (Score 1) 448

"what these idiots were doing was trivial or harmless"

I think it takes an adult to realize that those idiots are, in fact, doing trivial and harmless things. It's internet grandstanding. Is that so hard to see? Yeah, the people who posted these comments are dicks, we know that. And that's all there's to it.

Comment: Re:I read some of the comments to her (Score 1) 448

I would approach any statements that those guys threatened anyone with anything with due caution. You're interpreting their writing in a particular way, a way that is on its face unwarranted and IMHO childish. Not everything is a threat just because it's worded so. There's no reason to believe there's some big conspiracy out there to rape this pitcher's daughter - to think so is rather juvenile and thoughtless. The people who posted those vile remarks have done a stupid thing, but those are "threats" just as "my dick is the biggest one" locker room talk would be considered grounds to launch a large study into the "obviously" skewed distribution of dick sizes.

There is something seriously wrong with these men, but it doesn't warrant the response it got, I don't think - mainly because the "threats" aren't, and there is no law that makes what they've done illegal. And at this point the mob is just making up the laws as they go.

Comment: Re:I read some of the comments to her (Score 1) 448

The real questio is: does it warrant any repercussions? What those fuckers said amounts to juvenile grandstanding and "my cock is bigger than your cock" talk. Yeah, it's hurtful, but this isn't Germany - our legal system's approach to freedom of speech is fundamentally different.

Comment: Re:I read some of the comments to her (Score 1) 448

I'm really on the fence when it comes to whether freedom of speech shoudn't win here. I find all of the comments to be unbelieveable: whoever says it has their mouth full of shit, but is unable to follow on any of it. Grandstanding at its worst. She won't get raped by those clowns, those are not credible threats of violence. The comments are vile, but the outrage should stop at being just outrage. On what grounds should we fire these guys etc.? Certainly there is no law that would require it, so who are we to make up laws on the spot? This reeks of witch trials not because of whether there are any real witches out there, but because the response is driven by mass outrage and is entirely arbitrary and whimsical.

Comment: Re:no doubt living in Russia sucks (Score 4, Insightful) 652

by tibit (#49174515) Attached to: Snowden Reportedly In Talks To Return To US To Face Trial

Russia is quite like the U.S. when it comes to expanse of the land. There's plenty of superbly beautiful and unspoiled areas in Russia, if that's your thing. If remote work was feasible, he could live in the middle of nowhere just as well as in the middle of a big city. I would not generalize Russia to be a shithole. If you're on the wrong footing with the authorities, you'll fare equally poorly in any "civilized" country.

Comment: Re:c++? (Score 1) 395

by tibit (#49172945) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which Classic OOP Compiled Language: Objective-C Or C++?

Frankly said, I'm at this point just tired of people who can't set up their build tools to automate common tasks, and who think that code generation is some disease that has to be valiantly fought, because obviously if you call anything besides the compiler it's too complificated.

Look, you're wasting lots of your time by not using code generators. And I do mean lots and lots. You even publicly and proudly admit to it. In any project of considerable size, you'll be using dozens of tools to produce the final executable, the documentation, etc., so you just make yourself look very silly.

If you're whipping up something quick and dirty in Qt, you don't care about any code generators that Qt internally requires. A four liner .pro file does the job, and Qt Creator sets everything up for you anyway. For more complex projects it's your pick between qmake+make and cmake, but both are fully supported.

Your rant sounds silly.

Comment: Re:No Engineers (Score 1) 214

Agreed: Arduino is really just a packaging for a common Atmel microcontroller, with a bootloader, and a development environment that tries to pretend it's not C++. Anyone who actually knows how to program microcontrollers doesn't specifically care for an Arduino, they'll use one the the bajillion Atmel parts that are exactly fit for the job, use Atmel Studio to develop and debug, and a proper tool to connect to the chip. Atmel has such a variety of parts available that constraining yourself to a limited sub-family of parts is just going full retard about it.

Arduino is a platform designed for hobbyists. Asking for an "experience" with it, when looking for engineering talent, is almost insulting. Any EE worth their salt will understand what the platform is good for and will be able to leverage it where it makes sense. And about the only situation it makes sense, in a commercial product, is when you specifically want to have very easy firmware tweakability using simple development tools. Basically if you're targeting people who get confused by all the buttons in a full-blown IDE.

Comment: Re:Idiots. (Score 1) 214

I can't agree more. If you really need external sensors, put them in simple $0.50 off-the-shelf enclosures with a couple minutes of kitchen table machining done to adapt them to your application. Learn how to cleanly superglue lenses/windows etc. Repurpose other off-the-shelf parts - say use IR motion sensor lenses for your trigger lenses, if you need a wide-field Fresnel sort of an IR lens. Reuse $1.00 off-the-shelf cables that you can buy in bulk on eBay to connect sensors to the main unit. If they break, you can even afford a warranty replacement with $1 for shipping via USPS, duh.

Again, use off-the-shelf enclosure, get a custom keyboard/label combo, but for crying out loud, don't go into making full custom plastic molds! And have some in-house talent to at least run the engineering team. I do agree that 3-4 people should have had it wrapped up in 6 months. Geez.

Comment: What a clusterfuck (Score 1) 214

They've made some very major blunders. First of all, for that price and that sales volume, you go with an off-the-shelf enclosure and machining that can be done in your kitchen, if need be. Yeah, the custom pluggable enclosure looks cool, but is wholly unnecessary. A membrane keypad with display and other windows can be had cheaply even when full custom. All in all, they've totally overdesigned it physically. If I wanted to develop open source firmware for such a device, giving my time away for free, I could probably make a profit on such a device in qty 100, never mind thousands. Sure it wouldn't have a full custom look, but it could be done for the price point they quoted.

IOW: What a clusterfuck.

Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing. -- Wernher von Braun