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Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1) 254

The internal architecture of LibreOffice's rendering was up to this point broken beyond belief. They had it based on refresh timers and other such crazy stupidity, it really boggled my mind when I looked at it a few years ago and only now they are up to fixing that (I don't recall if 5.0 has it fully fixed or not). That's why you have artifacts and the persisting feeling of there being an everpresent UI lag: because, at least prior to 5.0, there was, and it was pretty damn bad and hard to work around if you were to start hacking on the code. The underlying self-made UI framework they use is only a bit better than MFC, and just about as old, and most definitely is a holdover from the StarDivision. I'd have loved a port to something more modern, like Qt Quick. It'd make working on the code way simpler, and the performance would be like night and day compared to what's there.

Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1) 254

A Qt port would be nice, but it would need to be a port to Qt Quick, not to widgets - since that's where all the development is being focused on, and that's where the rendering performance gains are made with every other release. It's not a big deal, but widgets are showing their age and Qt Quick is much nicer to deal with, and the performance boost is wonderful. Internally, the architecture of the multitude of dialogs needs to be split between a model and a view - I don't know to what extent that is the case right now, but it'd be a good first step.

Comment Re:It's the base assumption that its invalid (Score 4, Insightful) 392

Now be careful because you've just shot yourself in the foot.

Even 200 years ago, I could have encrypted a letter or some records using a one-time pad that may physically exist, or that I may be able to derive using my mind only. The evidence you get is the encrypted stuff. You can do with it whatever you want. That has not changed at all - you can hack at it to your heart's content. Same on an encrypted phone: you certainly have access to the encrypted contents, who told you that you don't? The encrypted data is evidence. If you can decrypt it - great. If you can't - tough luck. I'm not going to incriminate myself by giving you keys to decrypt incriminatory information.

See? You're really silly.

Comment Re:It's the base assumption that its invalid (Score 1) 392

Sure, mail can be opened with a warrant, and if I have encrypted the letter using a one-time pad, much good will that do. And I can't be compelled to self-incriminate, so I can't give you the one-time pad iff the contents of the encrypted letter are in my opinion incriminatory. Digital encryption is no different.

That type of encryption is specifically for a joe six pack, and has been in existence for at least two centuries IIRC.

Comment Ohh, the venerated SMM (Score 1) 128

SMM was a "nice" idea in more timid times. It let unscrupulous vendors emulate missing hardware features with (usually poorly written) firmware. I had quite enough head-banging when trying to implement realtime audio I/O on systems that turned out to emulate sound blaster and other industry standards.

Comment Re: ... and the hype for Windows 10 begins.... (Score 1) 405

Obstinate reading comprehension fail. "Use VMWare player" "I don't want to set up dual boot". Seriously? Nobody asks you to dual boot anything. You really need to try things out. Download the damn player, set it up, install Windows 10, go. When you're done, delete the VM image files, uninstall the player, and nobody will even know that Win 10 was on your system. Sheesh.

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