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Comment Re:Why would Disney do this? (Score 1) 204

The Chinese are going to find out what happens when your wages get to a certain point. Soon we'll be hearning about the overpass Chinese workers costing too much. Pretty simple, a combination of human nature, monetary facts of life, and pathological pecuniary shakers and movers.

The US had a similar situation in the decades leading up to the First World War. Human nature was the same. Monetary facts of life were the same. The greed was the same. Somehow the facts of life turned out differently than you suggest with the US experiencing a century of prosperity.

Comment Re:If anything can help (Score 1) 145

Actually, it might. It will attract attention from sympathetic people and companies. And if it goes viral, it may even affect public policy. And it might even inspire white hat hackers who don't like Trolls to help identify the culprits. It sure sounds like the work of more than one.

Anyway, it sure sounds like it can't get much worse.

Comment Re: Live by the sword, die by the sword. (Score 1) 145

Right, agreed, it's a daunting task. So the additional security step is "don't attract attention by hanging out with trolls and then pissing them off."

This is advice. It is not blame.

That said, I feel really horrible for the family, especially the daughter. They don't deserve any blame.

As for Blair, TFA is very inconclusive about what he may or may not have done to attract attention.

Comment Re:Kind of like some families named "Koch" in the (Score 1) 145

Are you unaware that the Koch brothers finance a lot of right-wing extremists? There's nothing "unhinged" about opposing people who undermine our political process by helping RWNJs get elected via their disproportionate influence. Money should not equal political power in a democracy.

So what? Their "right-wing extremists" are better than a lot of things they could be funding.

Comment Re:He gets stuff done, making others look bad (Score 1) 36

At this stage, NASA should just funnel money to SpaceX as fast as they can, before the space programs of other countries make them an irrelevance.

Yes I know that's harsh, but how else can NASA sidestep the politicians that meddle with NASA's long-term plans every election cycle?

Well, nothing Musk has done so far is deep space-specific. In fact, the whole manned flight program comes from NASA money. Is he going to design the Mars lander, outpost, return vehicle and fund it all? I doubt it. So in practice it's going to be on the politicians' whim for quite some time still.

Comment Magazine subscriptions (Score 1) 145

When I was in HS, kids would sign their friends up for hundreds of magazine subscriptions at a time and thought it was funny. I think you can still fill out those cards and prank your friends, although I've never tried. I understand the challenge with cancelled service, but how are they getting things like gravel delivered without a deposit of some sort. Heck if I were the gravel company, I'd be happy to take a deposit, call the victim, agree not to deliver the gravel and split the deposit with them!

Comment Re:Really hard to stop (Score 1) 145

Which the cable company would *love*. Then they can make it even harder to cancel and all subscriptions become essentially lifetime. Sorry the DNA sample you submitted with your cancellation request seems to be contaminated. You'll have to submit another and allow six to eight weeks for processing before we can cancel your service.

"You can't get very far in this world without your dossier being there first." -- Arthur Miller