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Comment: Re:How about? (Score 1) 189 189

So you actually think that receptical is for recycling? Ask them to provide you the name of the place they actually use. If they really recycle it, their upper mgmt (store and assistant store and floor mgr) will know. However, the truth is more likely. Target, Wal-mart and Costco all dump them into their compactor which goes straight to a landfill. As a matter of fact, the nice little bins in target all go to their compactor because all they have in the back rooms is a place to recycle hangers, recycle cardboard (a baler) and a compactor. So if you think you are recycle your plastic containers by taking them to target or walmart, you aren't, you just making a worker dump them in their compactor.

Comment: Re:this thing comes and goes. (Score 1) 818 818

I am going to say this here because I think its important and I don't care if I lose karma it. It is an observation I have noticed that people are ignoring. Why do you think people who as you described are going to go peacefully away. They aren't. What is going to happen is the opposite. This country broke in half before over this. It can again. This can actually lead to a real war with real blood and destruction.
It is naive to think this country as divided as it is and as apathetic as its voters are will remain together. Charleston was a rare beacon of hope. Ferguson is the truth. People on both sides are tired of each other and their philosophies.
As for

Gay marriage, women's healthcare, minority rights, and the abortion debate have all been settled for you by a majority of your peers.

those peers you speak of each 150 million at BEST.
This world has 7 billion. 2 billion believe Gay marriage, women's healthcare, minority rights, and the abortion debate are things worthy of death according to their various gods. Isis and the even the excepted standard govt in Indonesia say gay is a death penalty crime. Woman are inferior and raped habitually in India and have no rights most muslim countries. Minoritys are regularly slaughtered all across africa, middle east and india (ask the tibetians, the kurds and the plaestianians in gaza about their minority rights.) Aborting a fetus outside of Europe and some major cities of south America and Australia can get the mother killed.
You are not enlighted, you are rose colored glass deluded that you think you can change this country. YOU CAN"T. Al you and the others are doing is causing anger. That will lead to more terrorism and finally it will lead to some governor saying fuck it and suddenly we have fort sumter all over again. Only three states can support themselves, Two are liberal one, isn't.
So I wouldnt we happy at all. I would be worried about a Reichstag fire

Comment: Re:50-30-10 To Be The Rule (Score 0) 273 273

Editing for accuracy

Airline love to terrorize and torture their "beloved" customers.

Look for more Terrorism and Torture from the Majors.

Gate Clerk: Eat this BBQ pork sandwhich.

Traveler: Why The Fuck should I!

Gate Clerk: By International Law you must eat pork to verify that you are NOT Muslim.

Traveler: So you are profiling?

Well that is our world after all today.

Comment: Re:Why bother with new rules? (Score -1, Flamebait) 273 273

Please do. I want to watch the video of you getting booted off a flight. What you don't understand is there is an actual law that gives Flight attendants tthe right to do just if you disobey. General Operating and Flight Rules (14 CFR Part 91)
So yeah, part of the contractually-agreed price is that you acceed to those rules which gives you the choice of having three inches of leg room for six hours or not flying at all. I worked as a passenger assistant for United and Southwest, so I know. Thats for making me laugh.

Comment: Re: Harvard is the right place (Score 3, Insightful) 348 348

Universal healthcare means everyone gets healthcare and it doesnt cost them anything. Obama didn't do that. He created a policy that was to force the states to fund health care and have the rich pay for the poor. That was rejected by almost half the states, So no we have no 'universal' healthcare. We have a tax if you don't have insurance.

Comment: Re:Well, that's everything I use Windows for (Score 1) 468 468

Some one actually rebuild the sidebar so it will function with 8 and 10. I downloaded it. and it works. Considering I don't have the update that kills sidebar on my machine (nor the ones that get you ready for 10 they ate too many resources), Its the only thing on the list I cared about.

Comment: Re:Exactly. TV Recording is impossible otherwise (Score 1) 468 468

So you are saying that there is NO ONE who has made a program to do what you need in Linux at all? Or are you simply unwilling or unable to get it? I;m curious. because it looks like MS bowing to the will of Hollywood again. Oh I believe MC will sunset July 29th 2016; the day you have to pay for windows 10.

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