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Iran Shuts Down US Virtual Embassy 451

bonch writes "Less than 12 hours after the U.S. launched a virtual embassy for Iran, the Iranian government blocked access to the website, directing visitors to a government page proclaiming the site illegal. The White House condemned the move, calling Iran's internet policies 'an electronic curtain of surveillance and censorship around its people.'"

Comment Re:Something not quite right (Score 4, Insightful) 933

"Really? Looks to me like they've made their point. Unfortunately, no one really knows what that point is. All I've gotten from them is 'Wah! Rich people have more than we do!' "

Lots of people got the point. They must have paid attention to the news, or maybe to the signs the protesters are carrying. Just because "you" and the "media" you consume are saying "no one really knows what that point is" doesn't actually mean no ones knows what that point is.

Maybe if you repeat it some more.

Comment Re:My question isn't about big corps, but big crim (Score 1) 379

Well I would assume that if the secure boot thing checks the keys of software that runs at boot, there would be some similar key based check done before something was flashed onto UEFI. This of course brings us back to the problem of just how reliable are digitally signed keys?

Another problem I have is that my gaming rig is always a Windows machine, and I'm okay with that. But then about every two years I build a new one, and the old one becomes a Linux machine of some flavor. If the way things shake out I'd have to build two machines to accomplish what I want, instead of just maintaining a machine whose only crime is still being worthwhile as a computer, just not a game machine.

Comment Re:No Assembler? (Score 1) 624

No ASM programming?

Enjoy being useless when you need to work at the bare-metal level.

Also, enjoy being dog-ass slow and having boated code.

For a perfect example of why ASM rocks, see MenuetOS.

In everyone's defense, the question asked wasn't about languages, but about books. I can't (and this isn't surprising) think of any legendary ASM programming books. I am currently enjoying trying to work my way through Assembly Language Step-by-Step: Programming with Linux, Third Edition by Jeff Duntemann.

If you want to, please reply with other good ones I should check out.


Google Wrestles With Privacy Bugs In Google+ 163

CWmike writes "Google's new social networking site, Google+ — built to beat Facebook primarily on privacy features — has several privacy bugs the company is working to fix. While some enthusiastic beta testers clamor for Google to open the social networking site to everybody now, it's clear Google needs to address these issues before launching Google+ more broadly. Stumbling right out of the gate over privacy problems would likely doom Google+'s chances of emerging as a viable, realistic rival to Facebook, which rules the social networking market with about 700 million account holders. So far, beta testers have been mostly positive about Google+, particularly over its design to make it easier for users to share posts and content with different sets of people, as opposed with their entire list of contacts. Many of the existing privacy bugs in Google+ revolve around the site's mechanism to block users, according to this published list."

What Happens If You Get Sucked Out of a Plane? 327

astroengine writes "We've all wondered about it. When flying at 30,000ft, you look around the cramped economy class cabin thinking 'I wonder if I'd survive being sucked out of this plane if a hole, say, just opened above my head?' That's probably around the time that you should fasten your seat belt. According to medical experts interviewed by Discovery News in the wake of the Southwest Airlines gaping hole incident, the rapid depressurization, low oxygen levels and freezing cold would render you unconscious very quickly. Assuming you don't get chopped in half as you exit through the hole and hit the tail, you'd be long dead before you hit the ground. Nice."

Comment Re:rest of the reaction (Score 1) 311

No, it wouldn't. I'm not a physicist (or fond of trite acronyms), but I don't think that a handful of particles resuming a state they once held would be destructive. For that to happen, ALL of the particles would have to resume that state. The LHC is pretty cool, but I don't think it's strong enough to turn the clock back on all the matter in the universe.


Facebook Throws Privacy Advocates a Bone 126

sarysa writes "In response to a week-long assault by privacy advocates, and following a well publicized all-hands meeting, Facebook has introduced two new security features in response to privacy concerns. One feature allows users to whitelist devices associated with a Facebook account, and the other allows users who verify their identity to view previous logins. While both are useful features, they do nothing to address the recent privacy complaints."

Preview the Office 2007 Ribbon-Like UI Floated For OpenOffice.Org 617

recoiledsnake writes " has prototyped a new UI that radically changes the current OO.o interface into something very similar to the new ribbon style menus that Office 2007 introduced and which have been extensively used throughout Windows 7. The blog shows a screenshot of the prototype in Impress (the equivalent of PowerPoint), but this UI is proposed to be used across all OO.o applications. Some commenters on the Sun blog are not happy about OO.o blindly aping Office 2007, and feel that the ribbon UI may be out of place in non-Windows operating systems."

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