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Comment Up Next ... (Score 1) 423 423

Posting photos of weapons will be come illegal - someone might reason out how to file some metal and make one. Goodbye gun mags.
Followed soon by making it illegal to describe in print how to make a weapon .. because, same thing.
Followed then by making it illegal to mention when a weapon is used, even in self defense - "it just promotes 'bad think'".
Followed by making it illegal to use a weapon in self defense, because - oh wait, hello United Kingdom.
Followed by making it illegal to use the word "weapon" - because ideas are dangerous.
Jellyfish will lead more reasoning lives.

Comment What failures? (Score 3, Insightful) 392 392

There is no failure to see here - move (on) along - the websites have brilliantly served their purposes - they've managed to transfer $5 billion so far from taxpayers to the carefully selected chosen ones - who will carefully contribute to the next group of chosen ones.

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