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Comment Re:NASA Cancels B612 Sentinel Agreement and Then P (Score 2) 182

NASA's Office of the Inspector General is fairly disappointed with NASA's progress in NEO detection (much less amelioration)

Rusty Schweickart tells me there are an estimated one-million asteroids of 45-ish meters which is Tunguska size

The B612 group has done a poor job of keeping the community (and apparently NASA) informed of their progress and challenges. Perhaps a more transparent effort would work - even showing lack of progress would be progress here. They have indeed struggled with engagement - they only have 600 followers on G+ for example

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 70

I had a dream about owning once. First I turned it into a porn-by-email site, and when Microsoft complained I turned it into my own email site. Of course because all the sign ups were new people would register and start getting the old Bill's email.

Isn't that how hotmail works now?

Comment Better thrashing... (Score 1) 234

...than crashing. Well designed systems do not die when running out of memory - they recognize the issue, and either at the general OS level or at the specific Application level, begin shifting the memory requirements to storage. Yes, they run (much) slower - but it gives an opportunity for some system more aware of the big picture than the application (e.e. the operator) to prioritize and recover. As others have alluded to - how did this situation not get found in a proper testing process?

Comment Up Next ... (Score 1) 423

Posting photos of weapons will be come illegal - someone might reason out how to file some metal and make one. Goodbye gun mags.
Followed soon by making it illegal to describe in print how to make a weapon .. because, same thing.
Followed then by making it illegal to mention when a weapon is used, even in self defense - "it just promotes 'bad think'".
Followed by making it illegal to use a weapon in self defense, because - oh wait, hello United Kingdom.
Followed by making it illegal to use the word "weapon" - because ideas are dangerous.
Jellyfish will lead more reasoning lives.

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