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Comment Re:And this is nothing compared to.... (Score 0) 151

besides these pictures I took https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.169900799714796.30084.100000846306529 I then drove home from work where still watching planes in the sky saw two planes one off in the distance to my left flying west and one to my right at a distance flying south. Both started dumping at the same time. two of the picture I took show both contrail and chemtrails, where even one picture shows a chemtrail going south and a con trail paralleling it. The comments on those photos tells me that they started dumping on the east coast that morning and by afternoon they were passing over Atlanta. I was skeptical of chemtrails... until that day and have since noticed that when ever chemtrails are done clouds develop from the chemtrails and rain follow. Cloud seeding is nothing new but Vitamin D deficiency is becoming more wide spread as these chemtrails are causing a sun blocking effect. We get Vitamin D from the Sun. Now if this were contrail seeding of clouds then the Vitamin D issue would not be. But given the chemicals being dumped, there is intent to block the suns rays. Global warming may be a bunch of hot air but solar storms are happening now and will get worse and.this is information even NASA has been releasing. Aluminum oxide is not only able to reflect some sun rays but also is a good conductor of electricity and as some will say, there has been some strange weather and some serious lightening. Add in pole shifting (the sun recently happened and earth going through it...) I've been on slashdot for years and I'm fully aware of the erroneous bias which is so often expressed via scores and comments. So I'm not at all surprised.

Comment And this is nothing compared to.... (Score -1, Offtopic) 151

...chemtrail. And before anyone gets in a tizzy about the chemtrail topic, weather its real or not.... its not only real but mentioned in weather modification and other paperwork from the US government. This makes the topic of accidental cloud seeding pretty much a non-topic.

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Any argument is good, we already know that. We have seen enough from the RIAA to know they'd even use their own Mother as an excuse to promote their crap, only they ain't got no mother. Here is the only solution for them. Kill off everyone. That way you won't have any piracy claims. For those with half a brain, follow the logic through... Lets pretend everyone is dead cept those who are considered good customers. Would they notice any difference? See problem already solved. They can't claim dead people stole from them... oh wait they probably can and have.

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