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Comment: A confusing, stupid name. (Score 1) 403

by threeboy (#43010227) Attached to: Is the Wii U Already Dead?
A confusing stupid name (bad marketing), a horrible online experience, forcing us to buy gimmicky control schemes, clinging to the broken pricing model (that the other current-gen consoles will continue to do until the console market crashes again). I loved Nintendo, their first party games were awesome but they've become an EA styled parody of themselves. They should just call their new games Mario 2013, Mario 2014, etc. They gotta pack it in and do a Sega (go software only). Release their classic NES/SNES games for $1 on iOS and make the new 3D mario games for PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720. Maybe let a company who "gets" online design the online experience.

Comment: Re:SteamOS (Score 1) 313

by threeboy (#42905899) Attached to: Valve Officially Launches Steam For Linux
Seems like a halfway solution from locally hosting and streaming the way Onlive did it. Steam already does achievements & progress syncing in some games but it'll be awesome when/if you'll be able to pause the game, then pic it up from your mobile device from the exact same spot and graphically reduced if required.

Comment: Re:Price of iControlPad (Score 0) 191

by threeboy (#42767575) Attached to: Gabe Newell: Steam Box's Biggest Threat Isn't Consoles, It's Apple
Yeah the pricepoint blows and none of this will likely happen. There's a number of 3rd party controllres but the problem is that they don't have official support so they're not in every game. If Apple atleast had a standard/universal controller support it would be awesome. If Apple they did the wiimote thing where it's a remote control for the TV but you could use it as a gampead - ah, we can dream, heh.

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