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Comment Re:And why don't they work? (Score 1) 156

Because this is just another "put-down" type of article. If people don't wear masks, the an article would say wearing it is better than doing nothing. The purpose is for social influence on its targeted audience. It is not necessarily concerned with really solving the problem. If you go to Chinese sites, there are a lot of articles discussing this issue in a much more constructive manner.

Comment Maybe words from a classic could help (Score 1) 384

Forget all the advice about the memory. It is all about the method.

If you write down the steps you do your work and compare that with other people, it's easy to figure out how to improve. But you can also do your own optimization. Once you realize the importance of a good method, the way to do things, you don't need much memory.

The Chinese classical book, Dao De Jing (literally the book of the Way), says "if you learn every day your knowledge/memory increases; but if you understand the law (Dao means the natural ways/laws of the universe), your knowledge decreases (but you can do more).

Every sentence in this book is this profound if you can understand. It also contains concrete advice on how to understand Dao. It is a philosophical book not a religious one (although many read it like a Bible). For those who suffer intellectually, this book is a savior.

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