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Comment It's all in the contract (Score 1) 735

I have only been a "full time" employee one time.

That deal was simple.

I drew a salary.
The days (24 hour period) I was on call I got .25 hours of comp time for every hour I was on call
If I worked during that time then I got 1.25 hours of comp time per hour worked

The "nights" (after hours) I got .5 hours comp time and 1.5 hours comp for time worked

There where 3 of us and we rotated by the week.
After 18 month on the "job" I had over 250 hours comp time added up when I left.

That is the rate I negotiated with the employer.
The one I am on now is better.
When I am called I bill 2 to 1 comp time with .1 hour per hour for waiting on the call.

Comment From the Hurricane Crowd (Score 1) 695

5500 watt at the minimum 7500 watt is better

You don't want to run your laptop off of the gennie, you want to get 4 6 volt golf cart batteries run 2 in series then run the 2 pairs in parallel.

Then get an inverter to convert the 12 volt to 110.

Charge the batts with the gennie using a trickle charger

On a 7500 watt (7.5 Kw) you get...
7500 watts / 115 volts = 65 Amperes of juice

Most homes have a 200 Amp main breaker

Then you get an external weather proof box
Wire it into a 60 Amp 220 breaker in the main (if its outside)
with an appliance plug.

You then get a #8 wire extension cord about 30-50 foot long and plug it into the gennie

You have enough to power almost everything.

Just make sure you turn off the Main breaker prior to starting the gennie and turning on the 60 amp breaker or you will kill some poor lineman.

Comment Yes there is hope (Score 1) 1123

Many of the best IT people I know have no school past high school.
Some of the worst people in IT I know have a CS degree.

Certs on show you can pass the test

It all comes down to experience.

I would get your resume out to about 10 to 15 recruiters that do contract only stuff.

Take them to lunch, get to know them, let them get to know you.

Find a small non profit that needs help, and volunteer your skill with them
put them on your resume.

Your going to be cheap for the first few years then as your skills show themselves
your pay will jump.

Another Microsoft Exec Steps Down 315

Arcanimus writes "On Tuesday, the corporate vice president of Windows Live and MSN marketing, Martin Taylor, announced that he is leaving Microsoft. Just three months ago, Taylor was appointed to his new position to manage the marketing of Windows Live. In his 13 years with the company, Taylor even worked directly with CEO Steve Ballmer."

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."