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Comment Re:Everyone has to learn about it. (Score 2) 193

For the simplest selects and inserts PHP could easily provide an interface that escapes the arguments. That would make it more natural for the lazy programmer to realize when he is doing queries that he has to think about.

If you're escaping your sql inputs you're part of the problem. SQL injection has been known to work on escaped strings using unicode tricks. Use bound parameters in parameterized queries and its not an issue at all.

Comment Re:Export to excel! (Score 1) 192

Be sure to format the file as an HTML or CSV, but save it with an .XLS extension so excel will annoy users several times per day when they open it that it doesn't match the extension.

Your average user that can't figure out how to change a file extension is also going to have trouble figuring out how to open a csv in excel, on my systems by default csv opens in notepad.

Comment Re:Writing that must've taken some skills (Score 1) 142

but pipes exhaust fumes back to the engine to burn some of the unwanted stuff.

I haven't followed the VW stuff too closely so I don't know for sure if you're correct on it being this but what you're talking about sounds like an EGR. If that is what they disabled then its purpose isn't to reburn stuff but rather to introduce an inert gas into the combustion chamber, the inert gas effectively decreases the volume of O2 in a combustion cycle and allows the exhaust to come out cooler than it otherwise would this reduces NOx emissions.

Comment Re:There was a sudden disturbance in the force... (Score 1) 620

Muzzle loaders are exempt from most of the federal firearms regulations. hence why convicted felons are allowed to purchase them, at least under federal law. Generally larger diameter than .50 is regulated, there are a few exemptions, shot guns come to mind, but those are limited to specific guns which generally carry other regulations (sporting requirements on imported shotguns). No there isn't a special license required for any firearm under federal law afaik, there is however a special tax stamp and registration which includes an extended background check and extra paperwork requirements.

Comment Re:11 cents a minute? (Score 2) 173

The prisons need to enable inmates to call only the numbers they've been authorized to call.

News to me. I've gotten calls before from inmates and none of them ever mentioned needing to pre-authorize the number.

Depends on the situation, I don't think the county/parish jail requires pre-authorized numbers, that way when you first get locked up you can call around to find a lawyer. But the big boy state prisons shouldn't be letting offenders just call you at random

Someone has to approve applications to enable telephone numbers.


Investigations checks out the number looking for things does this number belong to the offenders criminal contacts? Or the offenders victim/victims family? Those things get denied.

Someone needs to process the background information and telephone bills that are sent in to verify identities. Someone needs to manage the billing and payment aspects of all of this. Someone has to archive the recordings. etc etc. This operation is contracted out like anything else. The prison can't reasonably do this, nor should they be doing it.

Yeah, you're suffering from a bad case of privatazation-itis there. There is absolutely no reason that administrative staff could not be trained to manage such a system as part of their responsibilities except that the profitability of the private sector would suffer thereby. Just like there is *absolutely* no reason that the private sector should be able to run a prison at less cost than the government can. (Except by compromising reasonable wages and safety by so doing.)

Yeah all that stuff is handled by investigations in the prison I worked at. Storage may or may not have been onsite I couldn't say for sure as I didn't work in IT but they had a fairly substantial IT department and were miles away from the real world so I always assumed it was onsite.
The private prisons do in fact majorly reduce wages Captains at CCA prisons make less than Cadets in academy at the state prison I worked at make.

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