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+ - iPhone unlock & "jailbreak" given DMCA excempt->

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thisnow1 (882441) writes "Hot on the heels of the "Dongle" exemption, the US Copyright Office in the Library of Congress has added cellphone unlocking and jailbreaking to a list of acceptable actions on electronic devices during its periodic review of the DMCA. Jailbreaking and unlock of phones can now be done without fear of legal penalty. (Professors, students and documentary filmmakers are now allowed to break copy protection measures of DVDs for non-commercial purposes.) Apple and the MPAA were none too pleased with this rule change."
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Comment: ***EMERGENCY AGREEMENT*** (Score 1) 145

by thisnow1 (#22416340) Attached to: New 'Net Neutrality' Bill Introduced
I would like to propose the following and would like to hear if anyone anywhere disagrees: 1. Anytime a board or elected official includes the possibility of holding "summits" or "dialogues" as part of a solution to an outstanding issue, it shall henceforth be considered NOT A SOLUTION! SUMMITS *DO NOT EQUAL* ACTION

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