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+ - U.S. Urged to Keep Space Shuttles Flying Past 2010-> 1

Submitted by DarkNemesis618
DarkNemesis618 (908703) writes "A U.S. Representative has proposed that NASA keep the shuttle fleet flying past its 2010 retirement date. The move would help prevent NASA from relying on Russian rockets during the gap between the Space Shuttle retirement and the start of the Orion program. One proposal would keep the shuttle fleet flying from 2010 to 2013 while another would keep the fleet alive until the Orion program is ready in about 2015. In 2011, the exemption that has allowed NASA to purchase Soyuz rockets for trips to the Space Station ends, and they would need an extension to keep using Russian rockets until the Orion program is ready. NASA's other option lies in the private sector, but so far, the private sector's progress does not look like it will meet the 2011 deadline. Keeping the shuttle fleet flying for a couple more years seems like it would help keep American presence in space without having to rely on the Russian space program."
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Comment: Re:No, because... (Score 4, Interesting) 703

by thewldisntenuff (#17954220) Attached to: Apple, the New Microsoft?
Did you just say "largely irrelevant" in regards to IBM and Nintendo?

IBM makes the chips that powers all of these new consoles and is still a big name in computing.

Nintendo has created a frenzy around another handheld machine and the Wii, which is killing Sony thus far, and has really revolutionized the way people play video games.

"...largely irrelevant"? Not a chance.

+ - Grad-School Thesis Becomes PlayStation Game

Submitted by
Carl Bialik from WSJ
Carl Bialik from WSJ writes "USC student Jenova Chen's "flOw" Flash game attracted interest from Sony, which commissioned an enhanced version that will be sold through its PlayStation Network, reports. From the article: 'Gameplay is incredibly smooth, particularly for a Flash game. But it's the design touches that set flOw apart. Players will notice faint outlines of the creatures lurking at lower depths, a foreboding sign that vicious manta- and squid-like enemies await. The water darkens as the creature advances to deeper levels. The game's ambient sound is somewhat hypnotic. The intuitive controls and design simplicity are among Mr. Chen's mandate: build immersive games for people who don't consider themselves gamers. "My parents and grandparents don't play games. My girlfriend, she doesn't play either," he says. "I want to make games that those people can appreciate." '"

+ - Shawn Hogan vs the MPAA: continued

Submitted by
newtley writes ""Got an interesting call from a law firm (Loeb & Loeb) representing the MPAA today," Digital Point Solutions' Shawn Hogan said almost exactly a year ago. "They want me to settle out of court and pay $2,500 for some movie I never downloaded (and ironically enough I actually own the DVD)," he declared. "Of course, I declined their settlement offer and told them I would rather let it go to court." Now his lawyers want the charge thrown out anyway on the grounds the copyright registration was invalid, says Recording Industry vs The People."

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