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You're only allowed to speak out because they allow it. Huge chunks of the population technically don't have constitutional rights thanks to the constitution free zone around the border. Technically no one in Florida is covered by the constitution. The U.S. government just does a better job at making people think they're free.

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by thetoadwarrior (#48106515) Attached to: Goodbye, World? 5 Languages That Might Not Be Long For This World
Yeah, most popularity contests seem to be based on what start-ups use like the only programming done is making novelty shit for middle class westerners and their 1st world problems. But once you get into something a bit more intelligent and long lasting then you find these people stick with what works because their company can't afford to spend all its time converting to the new shiny thing nor are they some short lived dumb start-up that can ignore the long-term implications of their decisions.

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That's BS because most people live closer together on the coasts and Pennsylvania broadband options don't get chosen based on the population of South Dakota. The whole of the U.S. density would only matter if one company was tasked with doing the whole US and that's not the case but even if it were why would most people being smart enough not to live in Kansas affect East Coast choices?

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Most of the U.S. East Coast has similar or more densely populated states when compared to European countries which is why I think it's always been BS. I lived in rural UK territory and had 10 meg broadband. I also lived in a very similar if no more dense area in the U.S. and my old neighbourhood still only had dial-up 2 years ago.

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by thetoadwarrior (#48049871) Attached to: New OS X Backdoor Malware Roping Macs Into Botnet
Shellshock, the "bash bug" won't affect the majority of Mac users and Linux users. It requires you to be running a CGI server or have SSH access. Two things that, by default, certainly won't happen on a mac and unlikely to be the case on many average user Linux machines especially if their main machine is a laptop. It's more of a concern because it could mean your data on websites like your bank could be in trouble rather than someone getting into your own machine.

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In case you haven't noticed processors aren't getting any faster and haven't been for ages. Why would you want Windows using even more of the processor rather than letting applications use the rest?

And because of that there are still a bunch of low-end PCs being sold and people simply not upgrading because really there's no point. Microsoft upping the requirements would just cut down their market. There are too many options for them to bully people like they used to do.

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