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Comment: Re: Makes sense. (Score 1) 629

by thetoadwarrior (#48796625) Attached to: Google Throws Microsoft Under Bus, Then Won't Patch Android Flaw
All the carriers work with Apple and they've got no control over iPhone. It's easy to blame the carriers but it's not even like Google had to do it first. Apple set a precedent and Google choose to do another way. A way that just happens to make it hard to lay blame on anyone in particular.

Comment: Re: Makes sense. (Score 2) 629

by thetoadwarrior (#48794375) Attached to: Google Throws Microsoft Under Bus, Then Won't Patch Android Flaw
I had a G1 and that definitely quit receiving updates before the 2year contract ended. You'd think Google would try to forward the best image for their debut android device. I've got a friend who has a hard-on for android so he's always stuck with them despite his experiences on updates are similar. His argument is that he can root it which is correct but you should not need to root the thing just to get updates and the vast majority of people can't or won't do that.

Comment: Re: Modern Technology (Score 1) 189

Well that and Mt. Rushmore among other far more modern structures and if the old roman, victorian, or whatever stuff is still standing then it will be thanks us. In fact in another 2000 years arguably there may be no original pieces left on some if not all structures. But who am I to break the circle jerk of how things have gone to shit and everything was better in the old days.

Comment: Re: Modern Technology (Score 1) 189

And likewise if you do an image search for roman concrete you can see it still wears away. It's more flexible and more resistant to salt but it still wears away and in fact is apparently weaker. It's a trade-off and all those nice buildings in Italy still require maintenance.

Just look at the colosseum, you can clearly see newer touch-up work.

Comment: Re: Modern Technology (Score 1) 189

Like anything else some things fail straight away and some go on forever. If there was something genuinely better about their concrete then all their stuff would have lasted. But everything from paintings to buildings that we want to keep rely on regular maintenance. Yes the Romans have some concrete in water that thanks to materials like volcanic ash last longer but of all the things they built most of it doesn't exist now or requires maintenance. Compared to all things built around the globe a could structures in Italy are insignificant and can't be used to prove all old building methods were superior.

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