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by thetoadwarrior (#47740695) Attached to: For Microsoft, $93B Abroad Means Avoiding $30B Tax Hit
Why does the US expect citizens abroad to pay tax after a certain certain threshold or how it some how believes if you travel to the US during a vacation since you are paid for that vacation then you're earning money in the US. For you see being American is so great that you must forever file your taxes and pay your way for being on America's planet.

Since corporations are people then the same should apply.

Comparison: Linux Text Editors 402

Posted by Soulskill
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jrepin writes: Mayank Sharma of Linux Voices tests and compares five text editors for Linux, none of which are named Emacs or Vim. The contenders are Gedit, Kate, Sublime Text, UltraEdit, and jEdit. Why use a fancy text editor? Sharma says, "They can highlight syntax and auto-indent code just as effortlessly as they can spellcheck documents. You can use them to record macros and manage code snippets just as easily as you can copy/paste plain text. Some simple text editors even exceed their design goals thanks to plugins that infuse them with capabilities to rival text-centric apps from other genres. They can take on the duties of a source code editor and even an Integrated Development Environment."

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by thetoadwarrior (#47579885) Attached to: Nintendo Posts Yet Another Loss, Despite Mario Kart 8
The Wii U had more systems sold the last time Microsoft gave numbers for the Xbox. In their last report Microsoft refused to clearly state how many xboxes sold were xbones and which were 360s so it's doing badly and probably still in third place. Hell they were / are taking a breaking from manufacturing in order to sell through what's on the shelves. Let's not try and pretend Nintendo is in some distant 3rd place position given they're probably in a somewhat distant 2nd place position.

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It's not just hollywood. It's everyone. Google even lets you stop people from viewing your views on non-desktop devices and it's amazing how many people choose to do this. I've not seen anything that implies new corporations care about you any more than the old ones.

If netflix were free to any content to anyone they would but they'd still set up regions so they could make people in other countries pay more.

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That's because you choose to operate from an expensive area with the cream of the crop companies. If you want to work alongside those who pay the best then you should have to expect to do that too.

I don't think developer's jobs should inherently be owned by the people that were born in that country nor am I saying everyone that outsources is doing it for scummy reasons. However every company that I worked for that outsourced didn't get value for money. In one case because they paid miserable wages by Filipino standards even though paying a premium is still virtually like paying nearly minimum wage in this country. In other case they only outsourced it to a company within this country. The costs weren't really less and the employee skill set didn't always match the hourly rate. their suggestions were things that best suited them and not necessarily the company. Had there been no one with an ounce of knowledge (i.e me and other developers) the most anyone could do is moan about the cost but have no legit counter argument to the proposed solution.

It generally fails when outsourcing is based on costs alone and whether everyone wants to admit it or not that is the primary reason most companies do it. If you only worry about the short-term and keep slashing budgets to keep profits up then it has to fall apart eventually. After all if they genuinely can't find someone locally to do it then they should be happy to pay even a premium for someone overseas. But so far all stats have been pointing towards H1-Bs being paid less regardless of people's anecdotal stories and obviously if you outsource to another country you're paying less and if their location didn't matter then whether they were in Ohio or India doesn't matter.

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