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Comment: Story driven indie games (Score 1) 669

by thethingupstairs (#46301983) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Games Are You Playing?
I would like to add my voice to supporting Supergiant (Bastion, Transistor).
I have lost interest in many of the big titles since Fallout 3. They have a big budget but are lacking in innovation and story compared to indie titles.

Bastion and Defence Grid are two of my favourite (if somewhat older) games since then.
Bastion is fun and entertaining with very small amounts of optional grinding.
Defence grid is the best tower defence game I know of. They also have a DLC pack You Monster which they created with Valve – based around the character GLaDOS (from Portal). I have yet to meet someone who does not like Portal... apart from one friend who didn't turn their speakers on...
The hilarity (and game instructions) are somewhat lost without sound.

Comment: Re:Nope, didn't help (Score 1) 144

by thethingupstairs (#42599707) Attached to: CES: Can a Gyroscope Ball Really Cure Wrist Pain? (Video)

I tried several methods to mitigate wrist problems, including the vertical mouse; however I found the greatest result came from switching hands.
I now operate my mouse on the left at work and the right at home.

I'm a graphic/multimedia designer and require fine control for many tasks. It took a couple of months to reach an acceptable level (blundering around with the web and email from the outset wasn't too bad).

My left hand performance for a FPS is still lacklustre... fortunately it's an uncommon work pastime.

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