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+ - What is the job path to CTO?

Submitted by
Mavenj writes "I have been working in IT for over 10 years, and have worked most everything where you have to be technical and work with the customer, from support to implementation. Recently I finally finished my Master in Information Systems, and would like to put that oh so expensive degree to work for me. The job I am looking for would be something that requires technical ability, but is also focused on the business end, and managing the technology in the business (think CTO) What kind of jobs do people start out in to end up as CTO? Does Business Analyst set a good framework of skills and experience or should I be looking at other job titles? How have other people gotten there?"

+ - "Brain Pacemaker" wakes man from vegetativ->

Submitted by Kram_Gunderson
Kram_Gunderson (1053068) writes "Reuters is reporting that medical researchers have awakened a man from a six-year near-vegetative state using a pacemaker-like device tied to electrodes implanted in the man's brain. The man, who was robbed, beaten, and left for dead in 1999, can now chew his own food, speak with a limited vocabulary, and play cards with his family. The treatment was begun in 2005, and gives hope for recovery to patients in minimally-conscious states."
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It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Correlation Implies Causation After All?-> 5

Submitted by
thetan writes "That hoary old chestnut — "correlation does not imply causation" — is frequently trotted out in arguments about science and causality. The adage is put under the microscope by a new meta-analysis of published research. Surprisingly, it seems that (statistically speaking, at least) correlation does imply causation. Where to now for amateur debaters and Slashdot flame-warriors?"
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+ - Trusting Your Handheld GPS

Submitted by
thetan writes "The Age reports that an Australian woman followed instructions from her handheld GPS to navigate some 200km — before getting horribly lost and bogged on a dirt track in heavy bushland at night. Frightened and distressed, she called emergency services but police had some difficulty in locating her. She explained that the GPS unit directed her late-model Toyota Corolla down the track, used only by tractors and motorbikes. In unfamiliar terrain, how would you know when to disregard directions from your navigation system and let your common-sense take over?"

Avoid strange women and temporary variables.