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Comment: Someone tag this.... (Score 1) 207

by thesymbolicfrog (#27364219) Attached to: Australian ISP Argues For BitTorrent Users


Honestly, this is the same type of argument :)
"...but yer honor, how could I have gotten all of these leet warez? Anytime I would have wished to download any one of them, I would have an individually, incredibly tiny packet. Furthermore, I would have downloaded only half of each packet in half the time, and a quarter of the packet in a quarter of the time. So you see, I could never have downloaded anything at all, and Dell must have put this Ukrainian copy of Left 4 Dead on my computer when it was shipped!"


Vista Slow To Copy, Delete Files 494

Posted by kdawson
from the how-many-million? dept.
Bruce Schneier has said that trying to make digital files uncopyable is like trying to make water not wet. With Vista, Microsoft seems to have done a pretty good job of making premium content files not copyable. Now a few readers have tipped us to a new wrinkle: Vista also makes it very, very slow to copy, rename, or delete ordinary files. Here is a Microsoft TechNet thread on the problem. The Reg reports that Microsoft has a hotfix for what sounds like a subset of the more general problem complained about on TechNet; but they will only give it to customers who ask nicely. And a hotfix is fussier to install than a proper patch.

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