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Comment: Re:Make it a statistic and they'll care (Score 4, Informative) 387

by thesnide (#30272196) Attached to: Are Ad Servers Bogging Down the Web?

Second biggest offender is usually Google Analytics.

That's why it's usually interesting to host the JavaScript file, that seldom changes on your webserver, and only have the img that conveys the data retrieved from the foreign host.

JavaScript loading is usually blocking the rendering whereas img loading usually not.

Comment: Re:They're not even keeping the money... (Score 1) 406

by thesnide (#28527841) Attached to: Pirate Bay Announces Sale to Swedish Company For $7.8 Million

An interesting fact is that terrorists are also like that : they adapt faster to security measures than governments. As Bruce Schneier said[1], it's all about defending against what the terrorists did last time. You shall never underestimate creativity for evasive maneuvers.


Comment: Re:Windows does a lot of writes when booting (Score 2, Informative) 975

by thesnide (#17191632) Attached to: Why Do Computers Take So Long to Boot Up?
Usually a read triggers a write since there is the Last Acces Time attribute to update. Under windows it is driven by the NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate registry parameter, under UNIX it's the noatime mount parameter.

That's perhaps one cause of your filesystem usage increase.

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