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Comment: Re:Use it. (Score 1) 108 108

To be safe, you should never show ads if your domain name is close to an existing trademark. Especially if it's a reasonably valuable name that is worthwhile going after, whether generic or brandable.

If you own and a Mac ad showed up in the ad feed, you'd significantly hurt your defense in the UDRP process if Apple submitted screenshots of it. The panel lawyers are notoriously inconsistent and this would just give ammo for them to approve the transfer. Even if your registration was earlier than the date when the trademark was granted.

Having said that, there are attorneys like John Berryhill that could still successfully defend the UDRP. But if we're talking about a defensive posture then ad feeds should be watched closely or not used at all.

Comment: Re:Google It (Score 3, Interesting) 189 189

Imo, if you're an average-use household it's at least worth looking into the refill kits. I've had a Brother HL2280DW for over 4 years (?) and have never bought a new cartridge (or drum unit). As opposed to just popping a new cartridge in, it does take some time to reset the gear and refill from the bottle. But it solves both problems of recycling and high cost of a new unit/cartridge.

One of the keys to success may be blowing out the old toner before refilling (the refill vendor mentions this). So each refill I'll grab my compressor and head outside, give it a few good blasts then refill with fresh toner. Of course canned air would probably be fine too. Realize though that the low toner light on the printer lies. You don't want to be blowing out a ton of perfectly good toner so I always wait until the print is actually degraded before doing the refill.

All told, it takes about 15 minutes and the printer is up and running just fine again. We've never noticed any quality differences.

As far as finding a vendor, when you find one you like, be sure to bookmark them or save the receipt because their names all sound the same (i.e. I finally remembered mine is printer ink warehouse...and that's after placing more than 5 orders ;)


Average Duration of Hiring Process For Software Engineers: 35 Days 179 179

itwbennett writes: Despite the high demand for tech workers of pretty much all stripes, the hiring process is still rather drawn out, with the average time-to-hire for Software Engineers taking 35 days. That's one of the findings of a new study from career site Glassdoor. The study, led by Glassdoor's Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, analyzed over 340,000 interview reviews, covering 74,000 unique job titles, submitted to the site from February 2009 through February 2015. Glassdoor found that the average time-to-hire for all jobs has increased 80% (from 12.6 days to 22.9 days) since 2010. The biggest reason for this jump: The increased reliance on screening tests of various sorts, from background checks and skills tests to drug tests and personality tests, among others.

Bank's IT Failure Loses 600,000 Payments 96 96

An anonymous reader writes: The Royal Bank of Scotland had an IT glitch last night that prevented some 600,000 payments from reaching the accounts of its customers. This included bill payments, wages, tax credits, and benefits payments. RBS apologized for the delay, and claims to have fixed the underlying problem. They hope to have all the missing payments sorted by the weekend. This isn't the first major IT screwup for RBS; in 2012, the company was fined £56 million after a software upgrade prevented about 6.5 million customers from logging into their accounts.

Microsoft Bringing Cortana To iOS, Android 65 65

An anonymous reader writes: While many big tech companies have their own personal assistant software these days, few of them are available on a broad variety of devices. Microsoft has now announced that it's becoming one of those few: Cortana will be available for iOS and Android devices later this year. It's part of an initiative by the company to ensure Windows 10 plays well with all sorts of devices, even phones made by the other major manufacturers. Microsoft said, "Regardless of the operating systems you choose across your devices – everything important to you should roam across the products you already own – including your phone." This led them to develop a "Phone Companion app," built into Windows 10, that's designed to help sync a user's PC with his phone.

Scientists Have Paper On Gender Bias Rejected Because They're Both Women 301 301 writes: A paper co-authored by researcher fellow Dr. Fiona Ingleby and evolutionary biologist Dr. Megan Head — on how gender differences affect the experiences that PhD students have when moving into post-doctoral work — was rejected by peer-reviewed PLoS Onebecause they didn't ask a man for help.

A (male) peer reviewer for the journal suggested that the scientists find male co-authors, to prevent "ideologically biased assumptions." The same reviewer also provided his own ironically biased advice, when explaining that women may have fewer articles published because men's papers "are indeed of a better quality, on average," "just as, on average, male doctoral students can probably run a mile race a bit faster."
PLoS One has apologized, saying, "We have formally removed the review from the record, and have sent the manuscript out to a new editor for re-review. We have also asked the Academic Editor who handled the manuscript to step down from the Editorial Board and we have removed the referee from our reviewer database."

Comment: Re:Count cards (Score 2) 89 89

I was also confused how this could work in holdem. After some googling it appears that "counting" in poker only refers to certain stud games where hands ahead of you are exposed.

In holdem the only (?) additional info you could have over a competitor is if someone in early position folded and revealed their cards (obviously uncommon). That's info that the small blind wouldn't have had, and could be very useful if you're in late position, especially on the button. But imo that's not really "counting", just gaining info to craft your betting strategy.

Decent answer here:


Microsoft Starts Working On an LLVM-Based Compiler For .NET 125 125

An anonymous reader writes Are the days of Microsoft's proprietary compiler over? Microsoft has announced they've started work on a new .NET compiler using LLVM and targets their CoreCLR — any C# program written for the .NET core class libraries can now run on any OS where CoreCLR and LLVM are supported. Right now the compiler only supports JIT compilation but AOT is being worked on along with other features. The new Microsoft LLVM compiler is called LLILC and is MIT-licensed.

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