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And he doesn't have nuclear weapons or expansionist plans. So while he might be working on a totalitarian state very similar to the USSR, no one around him needs to worry. Good to know his daughter will take over after him too. Those tzars! Keep it in the family, that's the royal way. It's all good. Thanks for clarifying that for us.

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It doesn't cost anything really to ship software or service support / customer support. If the wages are even a bit lower I would suspect that a lot of those jobs will stay offshore. Some might come back because it is can be more hassle than it is worth resulting in bad product when using offshore programmers. Then again, it is the MBAs that often make the offshoring decisions, so who knows what their tiny little brains will come up with.

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by theshowmecanuck (#47701247) Attached to: Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft
Not sure how the Evolution email client is doing. But I think the part of Outlook that most overlook is the Exchange server. That is what keeps all the meetings and other crap synchronized. So it takes more than just the client. I personally don't know of any open source email servers that have the range of Outlook/Exchange (above email itself). If there is something like that, someone let me know. I'd be interested to check it out.

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by theshowmecanuck (#47701217) Attached to: Blackberry Moves Non-Handset Divisions Into New Business Unit
Missed the market shift? No, they pulled a Novell. They got too big for their britches and assumed because they were number one, they could dictate how things should be. They stopped innovating and became relatively stagnant. Meanwhile others went around them and delivered stuff that the market wanted and before they knew it, they weren't number one any more. I call anything like this Novell Syndrome.

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In downtown Toronto (city is about 2.5 million, metro around 5.6 million), there are a huge numbers of families and schools. The students there are just as smart as anywhere else in the country. Crime is low. Of that gang crime that is there, it is of the variety imported from the U.S. along with the guns. And most of that is not in the down town.

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