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This does not meet the American Congress's mandate that all new factories of any size be built in China to pad the pockets of their prime contributors. They will be sure to pass a new law to close the facility and off shore it. The law will be signed into being by George-W-come-lately, President Obama.

Who do they think they are creating jobs in North America? If this were anyone else, it would be created in back country China by Foxconn and we all would LIKE IT! Or we'd be told we like it in some religious cult revelation ceremony followed by whoreds of 'the iFolk'...

I'm actually amazed anything resembling hi tech is being created in North America lately.

+ - Private Data On iOS Devices, Not So Private->

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theshowmecanuck (703852) writes "Personal data including text messages, contact lists and photos can be extracted from iPhones through previously unpublicized techniques by Apple Inc employees, the company acknowledged this week.

The same techniques to circumvent backup encryption could be used by law enforcement or others with access to the "trusted" computers to which the devices have been connected, according to the security expert who prompted Apple's admission.

Users are not notified that the services are running and cannot disable them, Zdziarski said. There is no way for iPhone users to know what computers have previously been granted trusted status via the backup process or block future connections."

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by theshowmecanuck (#47531573) Attached to: Amazon's Ambitious Bets Pile Up, and Its Losses Swell
This sounds more like you are describing Amazon shareholders making 6.3% less than what shareholders of other companies might make. That is not a loss to the company. You do understand that shareholders and the company are different entities don't you? You exhibit the warped logic that drives cowtowing to short sighted shareholders (I think calling them investors after this long in business might be disingenuous) who want immediate gratification and not to long term stable growth. If someone doesn't like it, they can sell their shares. That won't affect cash flow to the company, only a shareholder or share buyer. Maybe if we know if the profit/loss on the balance sheet includes payment to actual initial investment to venture capitalists... they are the ones who really need a set rate of return since at that point they ARE the company. But shareholders aren't, necessarily. I think that was the basis of the SCOTUS saying corporations are individuals. Sure if a block of shareholders large enough got together they could force short term returns to increase over long term stability and growth they can, and often do. Maybe this time we see the return of blue chip thinking. It is the kind of thinking needed to get North America back on the road to success in my opinion. Less drive to offshore for short term goals.

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by theshowmecanuck (#47520741) Attached to: VP Biden Briefs US Governors On H-1B Visas, IT, and Coding
I worked in the U.S. for six years on TN visas. I would have loved to have gotten a green card and stayed, and invested back in the community where I lived. Unfortunately, the U.S. immigration laws aren't created to favour those from other countries who come, work, pay taxes, keep their noses clean, contribute to the community, etc. Why do people have to be refugees to get a fair shake?

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