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Comment: Re:Not always a good thing. (Score 4, Interesting) 264

by theshowmecanuck (#48937795) Attached to: Microsoft To Invest In Rogue Android Startup Cyanogen
The issue is, per this post on Cyanogenmod Forums:

CM devs are consumers first. What this means is that they do not divide up devices among other developers, or assign devices like one would at a job. Developers work in their spare time without monetary compensation. Because of this, the developers are free to work on any device they choose to purchase.

Now, what does this mean to you? First off, requesting anywhere in the CM forum, the CM Blog, or the Facebook/Google+/Twitter accounts for device XX to be supported is probably a waste of your time and anybody who reads said request. CyanogenMod does not work on device requests as there is no guaranteeing that a current CM maintainer is even interested in the device. Additionally, its not as simple as 'porting' code, the device trees must be coded from scratch and made to work with the AOSP sourced code and CM enhancements. This takes a large amount of time and effort, especially when the device's OEM fails to release the latest version of Android for it. Second, in hoping a worthy developer sees the post and decides to take up the project... well, that is probably just wishful thinking. Many developers do not like interacting with end users (too much finger pointing between both devs and users or anger directed at the devs for something working other than how the user expects - it happens far too often); because of that, many developers don't frequent the forum (or if they do, they only view the forums for the devices they maintain). The best way to get a device official support is not requesting it from the CM team, but learning how to do it yourself or encouraging a maintainer of an unofficial build to submit their code for review.

So, Cyanogenmod devs will support what strikes their fancy. And if they are no longer interested in a device, it won't be supported any longer. Now if they get financing, maybe this will change as most consumers want some stability and continued support. It is one of the things that could differentiate itself from the phone makers... if they care to. If not, in this regard they won't be any different. And it would be a shame since it is nice to get rid of bloatware.

The vast majority of people will not port their own devices. They either don't have the time or the technical know-how or nether. I will use the stock OS if it isn't available as a stable CM. In fact I do with my P600 Samsung Note. But even if they did, after reading that sticky from the forum, I am less willing to adopt CM and choose to just root the device instead.

Comment: Re: Of Course (Score 0) 114

by theshowmecanuck (#48885173) Attached to: Apple Agrees To Chinese Security Audits of Its Products
I had the same first reaction but after thinking, there is some merit to this idea. China has a fairly stable set of policies. North America and Europe often change policies based on election cycles and what the latest 'lobbyist' put in his political puppet's pocket. No judgement on what the best system is, but the point does have some merit. Both of course have even more back room deals.

Comment: Re:Useless Art Project (Score 2) 162

by theshowmecanuck (#48882693) Attached to: Researchers Moot "Teleportation" Via Destructive 3D Printing
This idea has been used in several scifi and fantasy stories/books for how to transport people. In a few they expand a bit on the possible moral conundrums this can cause. This is just an applied science version of the same thing. Would you blast a post about a scifi story that this kind of discussion? Scifi is near and dear to most slashdot readers.

Comment: Disrupt to ISP's Gorilla Broadband?? (Score 0) 54

Could something like this could completely hose all the ISP's if open sourced and if it works well? Here's the concept: People like the dd wrt folks could customize router firmware to act as repeaters and whoever wants can set up relay stations with home type routers, weatherproofed and sitting on a pole outside if need be, creating a de facto municipal wireless broadband network without needing ISP's. I guess some question are: how to hook it up to the regular Internet's backbone, address space, etc. Could a Gorilla Internet be created with something like this?

Comment: Re:Big Brother Is Expanding His Reach (Score 1) 122

by theshowmecanuck (#48863347) Attached to: Google Aims To Be Your Universal Translator
One organization. How many businesses are doing the same thing, but because there is no oversight we don't see it. My guess is, as many as can get away with it. All the ad sense and analytics make what the NSA is doing look like a plastic kiddy pool compared to Lake Superior. Sure they're doing stuff we don't like. Businesses are doing it too. The one thing I will say on Google's side is we can see some of it.

Comment: Re:30 years? (Score 1) 223

by theshowmecanuck (#48862219) Attached to: The Current State of Linux Video Editing
developers cum cats who don't like being herded in the same direction; so you get 50 versions of something all half assed trying to do the same thing. That, instead of one or two versions doing it in a most excellent way if the same developers worked together and learned give and take instead of 'take my ball and go fork it'.

Comment: Re:Declaring victory too early, you are (Score 1) 76

by theshowmecanuck (#48840505) Attached to: Props to Bill Maher

Maher points out that suppression of free speech is absolutely anti-liberal.

What he said is that people who want to shut down Limbaugh's site or block free speech are part of the problem because, "You're not even a proper liberal, because you don't get free speech." He didn't say that liberals who play the race card are anti-free speech (necessarily, my word), but that they are BULLIES for playing the race card. I included the word 'necessarily' as I believe it was implied; not everyone who uses it is anti free speech, or to quote Mahr again (properly), "everyone can always come up with a reason why the thing that bugs YOU should get a waiver, but free speech only works if there are no waivers; no waivers, including for religion." Or for calling down a-holes who always play the race card.

And no one said the first response of a liberal was to play the race card. Just that when people do, they are bullies. "Playing the race card" means using race where it doesn't belong. And it is used way too much. And it IS bullying. If you don't like it, that's your problem, and a sign that maybe you ARE part of the problem.

And who was talking about Lawn chair administration?

Comment: Re:Wait a minute (Score 1) 248

by theshowmecanuck (#48835303) Attached to: SpaceX Landing Attempt Video Released
Presumably if they manage to make something to go to Mars it will have to be a closed loop system since they won't have a way (or an easy way) to top up many types of consumables. I can see getting the idea of landing with these fins to work, but I would think if they wanted to keep it for a long voyage, they'll have to figure out how to make it closed loop at some time.

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