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+ - Citizen Integrators and iPaaS... what do you think?

Submitted by theshowmecanuck
theshowmecanuck (703852) writes "I may be encountering these animals in an upcoming project. The first sounds downright scary as hell to me. The second sounds interesting but strikes me as something that could limit the flexibility of what one is trying to implement; if one follows the rule that "in the cloud" means "on someone else's computer". What are Slashdotter's experiences with these? Benefits? Criticisms?"

Comment: Overstamp First? (Score 5, Interesting) 133

What if you use some tool and hammer to overstamp the serial numbers. Like scribbling over it. Then grind it down. Or if it is in a place that can be heated and cooled... like annealing... where any loss in strength from the operation, were it to happen, wouldn't be an issue. Would that change the underlying crystal structure significantly. I'm sure it would affect it some, but would it be enough to allow the crystal structure to 'reset' and erase the original stamp marks?

Comment: Re:Literally? (Score 5, Insightful) 645

Generally I agree. But to be argumentative (NO, not on Slashdot!), I disagree.

Showing horrible stuff allows us to call bullshit on politicians (I am thinking tea party) and their propaganda wing (I am thinking Fox News) who want to claim everything is an act of terrorism. People and groups who would tell you that pressure cookers are 'weapons of mass destruction', and countries that fund real terrorists and flog prisoners in medieval fashion are our friends (I am thinking Saudi Arabia); thereby minimizing what real terrorism and weapons of mass destruction are. This is often so they can surreptitiously push their own agenda.

Being able to see unfiltered events allows us to look critically and say, sure there is an argument that the Boston marathon bombing was terrorism (or attempt at it), but a pressure cooker is NOT a weapon of mass destruction. When we see pictures of dozens and dozens of people killed in chemical weapons attacks by Assad in Syria, we see what WMDs really are so that we take politicians to task for exaggerating things to try to help their own ends.

Or when we see that dipshit on Parliament Hill in Ottawa who killed the cenotaph guard and was killed in the parliament buildings. In his mind he was a terrorist maybe, but Canadians could see him as a radicalized idiot not a terrorist. Panic averted.

Without context, as harsh as it is sometimes to gain, proper judgement cannot be made. We cannot trust the politicians and spin doctors to tell us what something is. We need to do that ourselves and require the information to do so.

I admit there is a danger that people can get desensitized to it, which can also impair judgement. Then we get absolutely fucking ridiculous comparisons trying to demonize people particular interest groups disagree with. For example, people who try to compare Hillary Clinton to Hitler (full disclosure, I lean on the Democrat side, but don't really like Clinton... former director and corporate lawyer for Wallmart, and good friend of the Waltons... not really that different from a Republican except when trying to get elected). What a bunch of fucking nonsense. It completely minimizes the horror that was Hitler's Germany. Any comparison like that is quite plainly, mentally retarded. Being desensitized to the murder of 12 million people and the death of tens of millions in battle and collateral damage from bombings (granted this is partly due to the distance in time) lends itself to unrealistic comparisons. But I think it can be extrapolated to desensitization from over-exposure of items in the news.

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