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I'm not saying panic either. But I wouldn't blow them off. I would think that the biggest barrier they have is access to the equipment and materials to build what they want. They number in the tens of thousands at least, and we keep hearing how many were engineering grads or university students. They can't all be stupid. But sure another roadblock they will have are the throngs of stupid people they have lumped themselves in with. The thing is for biological warfare they don't even need weapons systems. They'll just infect a few hundred 'martyrs' and put them on a plane somewhere. Pneumonic plague (black death) doesn't need physical contact.

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These aren't security experts FFS. Personally I wouldn't stop my life over this, but it is good to understand what some of them have in mind, and keep an eye on it.

Remember these guys are predisposed to killing themselves for the cause. We have to watch for things like getting themselves infected and travelling somewhere before symptoms show. They could weaponize themselves. As an example, look at how Ebola went to Nigeria and now some student sneaking into Senegal. Imagine if it was a whole bunch of nuts doing it on purpose. It's not something to just dismiss. Even if it didn't kill thousands, the panic caused in the general population who thanks to modern news organizations have no ability to filter or prioritize what they need to panic over. And western nations are too politically correct or have too much economic interest to test people at the borders or airports.

I'm not going to get bent about the whole thing, we should have already guessed guys like this have been trying to dream up ideas for years. But it shouldn't be discounted out of hand.

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3. We have antibiotics.

FTFY: We have antibiotics that we have rendered useless because we have fed them to cows to make them bigger which we then eat and so any germ we might encounter may already have evolved defences from said antibiotic.

FWIW, there are a lot of animals that can carry plague, not just rabbits (I know you implied that). But people don't know that most rodents in North America can carry it including squirrels, prairie dogs, rats, etc etc etc. And people still die from it occasionally.

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by theshowmecanuck (#47782631) Attached to: Canada Tops List of Most Science-Literate Countries

The health care system in Canada needs fixing. Many can't get a family physician because there aren't enough and have to go to clinics. Having no doctor because you can't afford one is no worse than not having one because they aren't there. Having primary care physician is the best way to stay healthy. Specialist wait times are crazy and you must have a referral.

The system is going downhill, but because it was the best 50 years ago, people here think it still is. If you talk change the radical parrots all squawk 'no American style health care!' as if that is the only other system out there. And then they are so satisfied with themselves thinking they have preserved a great system. Meanwhile they are mostly the ones who do have family physicians and are afraid of change, even for the better because they don't want to lose their doctor (which they wouldn't). Canada's health care system ranked 30th in 2000 according to the WHO. America 36th.But most Americans at least know it could be better, while too many Canadians don't think the same way about our system. Attitude is slowly changing, but too slowly.

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by theshowmecanuck (#47781241) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine
France had more tanks, including heavy tanks than Germany at the start of the war. A couple of countries could have tag teamed Germany before they attacked. But the head in the sand attitude stopped them. I will grant that that same attitude kept their tactical thinking behind the times too. But an early concerted effort would likely have ended der fuhrer's plans.

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