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Comment Re: "Failed" push for renewables? (Score 1) 326

You're forgetting that nuclear and coal power stations are being closed down also solar can be installed by residents and businesses.

Electricity demand in the UK is falling at the same time as the percentage of electricity generated by renewables is increasing fast because of fossil fuel power stations closing.

If electric cars continue their rise in popularity then it is highly likely that the trend of no growth or slow growth will change into substantially more demand for electricity.

Comment Re: "Failed" push for renewables? (Score 1) 326

You are very mistaken, you must have missed the huge drops in costs of renewables and these costs will continue to drop for years to come because large numbers of new factories for renewables are still being buit now, when the investment into those is paid off they will be producing extremely cheap solar panels and wind turbines. And like anon coward says, fossil fuels (and nuclear) are heavily subsidised. Fossil fuel companies always cherry pick the best sources of fuels, they will only get more expensive, particularly oil and gas once the best fracking sites start to dry up (frack wells are only productive for a year or two).

There may well be huge quantities of oil shale/sands but many of these require huge amounts of energy just to get the resources out, processed and shipped etc.

Comment Re:Build one (Score 1) 304

Fully agree, however building your own PC requires you to have some technical skill.

I don't agree, My sister built her 1st PC after I just emailed her a few tips, the important thing is compatibility - which you can simply get someone to check, or ask on yahoo answers etc.

Comment Re:China market (Score 1) 326

They are the world's worst polluter and only getting worse.

Actually their CO2 output has levelled off and is likely to start falling, no surprise that they are sick to the teeth of the air pollution from burning fossil fuels and have started to do something about it.

Comment Re: "Failed" push for renewables? (Score 4, Insightful) 326

Indeed, renewables hasn't failed what-so-ever, installations are growing exponentially whilst the costs of renewables are at the same time plummeting.

Over 50% of new electrical power generation installations are now renewables, pretty fkking bizarre to call that a failure!!!.

For example: Renewables = 84% of New Electricity Generation Capacity in 1st Quarter of 2015

Comment Re:Hydro = from the sun (Score 1) 182

1) all power is regional. Electricity needs to be consumed within a couple hundred miles from where it's produced.

Absolute nonsense, UK is currently putting down undersea cables from Scotland to Norway in order to use Norwegian pumped hydro - several hundred miles total, more than 500 miles round trip. A thousand mile lines are perfectly doable, more even if the electricity is cheap and you don't mind double digit percentage loses. We've also been considering purchasing electricity from Iceland which would require 600+ miles of under-sea cables.

Icelandic electricity: Power under the sea | The Economist

Britain's National Grid, the transmission operator for electricity and gas, likes the project, describing it as "Technically feasible...Politically achievable...Commercially viable".

Comment Re:Lack of network connectivity is a deal breaker (Score 2) 114

The problem is that the USB port now requires a special cable which not all of us have lying around in quantity. It doesn't make it impossible, but it does make it more of a hassle.

Micro USB is hardly a "special cable" by any stretch.
It's the same cable and connector all of the raspberry pi models use for power

Pretty much all tablets and smart phones except Apples use them these days.
Also a good number of USB wall chargers typically have a USB-A on them and include a USB-A to Micro USB cable.

I was quite saddened to see most Slashdot posters don't even have a cheap-o $5 USB keyboard or ten laying around, and not including one with the original Pi being labeled "a deal breaker" - but really, no one around these parts has massive piles of both of those parts and more laying around anymore?

Comment Re:Which one is sub-$10? (Score 1) 114

Which one is sub-$10?
Unless you get your hands on the MagPi or live near one of the twenty-five Micro Center locations in the USA

The later being exactly what I did. The Pi Zeros were $5 each, and I now have two of them.
The CHIP isn't being sold anywhere yet, either online nor Microcenter.

So the answer to your question is "The Pi Zero"

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