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Oh, they have the individual permissions issue worked out - they accidentally released it through AOSP in ICS for a short time. Worked perfectly, you could disable any individual permission (and take your chances with apps crashing randomly), including the permissions that would let an app identify your phone for advertising use. Which is why they pulled the feature almost as soon as it got out - Google's buisness is ads, and anything that might upset their customers (hint, that's not the phone owner) is a bad thing.

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by theraptor05 (#37439252) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Good Gigabit 802.11N Home Router?
I second this one, connected through it as I type. Works great, closest thing I've seen to "It Just Works(tm)" in the OpenWRT world. And it's reasonably fast to boot (and to boot...).
As to the folks saying it's slow or has limited range, there were some issues with the 10.03 firmwares early on, just normal development shakeout stuff. Running 10.03.1-RC4 on it now, works like a champ.

+ - Still Using Webalizer?

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hamesh writes "I can't believe how many folks and web hosts still use Webalizer. Good article with some recommended alternatives.

"...Webalizer is the default tool provided by most hosting providers (Any CPanel users out there? This means you!), not because it is particularly useful to their customers, but because it has several advantages for them over much better and more current tools. Namely, it's free, fast and light on your host's system resources. Meaning, they can include it with your hosting package and it scales nicely as they add more customers, all with no expensive licensing costs. What you probably aren't aware of is there hasn't been a new version and haven't been any updates to Webalizer since 2002." n/dont-tell-me-youre-still-using-webalizer"

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