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Comment: Re:I used to agree with you ... (Score 1) 389

by thepainter (#31507654) Attached to: Users Rejecting Security Advice Considered Rational
I doubt she tremendously increased her salary as that would be noticeable at a later time. The question then being whether or not it would have been better to take the chance of her getting away with it than burdening the cost of maintaining an expiring password scheme. Time/frustration spent by users, IT personnel reseting said passwords, etc. I'm not suggesting an expiring password scheme isn't worth the cost, especially on a financial system per se, but it's type of issue raised by the article.

Comment: Re:They are NOT Denying Global Warming (Score 1) 1100

by thepainter (#29203609) Attached to: Global Warming To Be Put On Trial?
You do not help the economy by imposing a tax or restriction on industry. Ecotaxes may indeed create jobs, but so would paying a guy to randomly smash windows. Furthermore, the article you cited credits job creation predominantly to "income redistribution" from ecotaxes; So, it really has little to do with "eco" and more to do with "taxes". Ecotaxes and alike will hurt the economy, period. But, is it a necessary cost in order to preserve our environment?

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