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Comment: Why are they still calling it i7? (Score 2, Insightful) 173

by themysteryman73 (#29350083) Attached to: Intel Lynnfield CPU Bests Nehalem In Performance/Watt
Perhaps it's nearly time to upgrade my aging Athlon X2 5600+...

One thing that I find interesting about this is that Intel decided to still call it "i7" when it apparently doesn't fit into the Nehalem-based i7 motherboards. As the article correctly pointed out - why not call it "i6" to prevent consumer confusion?

Comment: Re:Bull (Score 1) 414

by themysteryman73 (#29338937) Attached to: iPod Fee Proposed For Canada
That was a good rant. I wanted to mod it up, but I can't, so I'm just saying it in words instead.

As someone who is strongly against piracy now, this entire discussion has struck a chord (no pun intended) with me.

Although I did enjoy your rant, I honestly think that the record companies aren't the only ones to blame here or to be called greedy. Although record companies, just like any businesses, are built around money and thus greed, no one seems to have made mention of those doing the pirating. Imagine if nobody ever pirated music, if there was no file "sharing", no Bit Torrent and everyone who wanted to listen to an album went to a record store and purchased it with cold, hard cash. Would the fee being discussed here ever have been introduced? Would it have even been considered? I'd say the likely answer is no. The real culprit in this particular scenario is not only the record companies, but the ones who prompted them into action, the music thieves (let's call it what it is and you know who you are.). The legitimate consumers among us are paying for your free entertainment.

This is not intended to be flamebait, it's just something that I have a very strong opinion about.

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