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Journal themusicgod1's Journal: bugfix - divert around slashdot censorship

"The Internet views censorship as damage and routes around it"(Gilmore, n.d.)

Too many people I know on slashdot have had their ability to post suspended due to their political direction. Enough is enough. I'm going to try to make a change here.

If you cannot post something on /. due to account or subnet blacklisting, fear of account or subnet blacklisting, or fear of reprisal from the legal system of your country of residence, or any other country, etc, email me and I will post it: recursive.genepool at

I reserve the reserve the right to rot13 it (or base64...ascii art will be a lot less goatse in base64), and/or post from an account other from this one. I will do my best to post it. Probably with some sort of sig ----- THE FOLLOWING IS NOT MY OPINION IT HAS BEEN FORWARDED TO ME SEE MY SIG (url) ---- (hrm...better get on that rot13 program)

After first thinking of this idea, I realized: Oh god, I now have a moral obligation to post to slashdot; To propegate this sig/meme. Oh well. For those of you out there reading this please forward it along to other people in case they are having issues with being blocked for their activities here on slashdot. I will not watch idly as this society censors unpopular opinion...this forum is becoming too prominent in technology and F/OSS and too important to give up yet.

Oh and yes I will crapflood...but I will crapflood very...very slowly so don't even bother. If you flood my email you can pretty much guarantee I won't get your message.

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bugfix - divert around slashdot censorship

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