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Comment: World's highest dick-waving contest (Score 3, Funny) 234

by localroger (#48920637) Attached to: Engineers Develop 'Ultrarope' For World's Highest Elevator
Highest skyscraper is a hell of an expensive way to show your ability to get an erection. How much of the Burj Dubai is even occupied? Or for that matter even the *cough* whatever they're calling it now in NYC which gets a third of its patriotic 1776 feet from a totally nonfuctional dick-waving spire.

Comment: Many wealthy will be killed. The funny thing is... (Score 1) 330

They could, collectively, save themselves in a fairly trivial manner. All they'd have to do is suck it up, let governments tax them, and purchase legislation benefiting the great unwashed (i.e. the 99%) with the same zeal applied to purchasing legislation designed to maximize profits and minimize business risk.

It won't happen, of course. Rich sociopaths are psychologically incapable of seeing themselves as evil, or as the cause of their own problems, and so we have another "French revolution" cycle approaching. It's evolution in action, of course. The problem will be whittled down a bit as wealthy sociopaths are killed en masse and the world gets its parasite load back down to a survivable level, until the cycle happens again.

And it will happen again.

Comment: Re:Let em try (Score 1) 388

Accidents do happen. People come home at odd times. Obviously the agencies are less than flawless. If they start breaking into people's homes, a few will get shot.

So, they'll job out this to criminals, who will hit your house later. No skin off the NSA's nose. This, however, will result in a few less criminals. Not bad.

Comment: Oh, they're so *cute* in their fascist arguments (Score 1) 388

Individual bad actors will always have access to unbreakable surveillance. Even now, there are encryption systems quite capable of foiling any agency.

All this does is make the agency unable to do mass trolling of the citizenry. You only object to that if you assume that the enemy is the citizenry.

Comment: Re:Defective by design. (Score 1) 209

by drolli (#48891915) Attached to: China Cuts Off Some VPNs

Two year ago: Openvpn was fine, but webpages of providers were blocked (not a bad strategy...).

Last year: private Openvpn server worked, but connections dropped after ~1Gbyte was transferred, and well known providers were blocked

This year: openvpn was detected (not sure how!) and private server seems to have ended on some "gray" list, ssh connectionsafter that were very slow (although that could coincide with slow internet); sshing to singapore AWS cloud was fine, but i had the feeling that switching between ports for ssh helped after big data transfers or long conenctions. Connecting by mobile (state telecom) was better than by WLAN.

Blocking seems to happen solely based on target (outside China) IP.

The rationale behind blocking vpns but not ssh is simple: China is not interested in blocking perfectly. They don't care about (or even may like) that you can set up cloud servers which you need for your thing outside China. They dont care about 1% of the population and all foreigners getting unfiltered access to the outside world. As long as they can filter the information for the vast majority. Which implies that the material they mostly care about is video, which means that intentionally slowing ssh still enable you to do your admin work, but you can not copy 1000 youtube videos quickly. Also, for ssh there is no "1-click-vpn" client available......

Comment: Well first, it has to be unnoticeable. (Score 3, Insightful) 324

by gestalt_n_pepper (#48868879) Attached to: What Will Google Glass 2.0 Need To Actually Succeed?

Preferably in black, unstylish eyeglass frames.

I don't want to advertise the fact that I'm wearing this thing. Google geeks may think it's the coolest status symbol ever. I don't. And I don't care. I want to use the map feature, get the weather report.

Yes, I know it can give me automatic Yelp reports, tell me who and what's around, get me dates, show me movies and deliver specs on my computer by looking.

I could care less. I'll use the maps. And the weather. Maybe news, if I'm waiting for a bus. If they want me to buy it, it has to be cheap and boring.

Comment: Caused by managers who see companies as disposable (Score 1) 263

by gestalt_n_pepper (#48868813) Attached to: The Tech Industry's Legacy: Creating Disposable Employees

Poor managers only manage up, only look at spreadsheets, and only look for short term gains and bonuses before they jump ship to the next company leaving someone else to clean up their mess.

Deferred bonuses for 3 to 5 years would fix this nicely - meaning a manager have to be around in 5 years, and still employed at the same place, to pick up their bonus - better still if paired with an "anti-bonus" if they do poorly. It would also mean that managers would have to live with what they create, and deal with the consequences of firing experienced staff and hiring a bunch of semi-qualified overseas programmers.

I'm pretty sure that would stop the "disposable worker" issue quickly. I'm also sure that it will never happen. It's managers who see companies as "disposable" and who make the policies.

Comment: Get off your high horses. Software is a BUSINESS. (Score 1) 646

by gestalt_n_pepper (#48860583) Attached to: Justified: Visual Basic Over Python For an Intro To Programming

It's NOT an art form. If you're a programming diva and you see, Oh, sob! Bad, sloppy programming practices...!

Blah, blah, blah. We've heard it all before.

Software is about producing something usable for money. You don't expect the bricklayer of your house to be an architect with a doctorate. You don't expect the guys nailing boards together to be either. Similarly, every person who makes money programming something doesn't need to know every aspect of software development down to the level of the circuitry, nor do they need to do it perfectly.

Sometimes you need a skyscraper. Other times, you need a quick shed in the back yard. Usually, you need something in-between.

Can there be problems or maintenance issues? Sure. I need to replace bricks and board every so often too. All structures are imperfect and must be adapted to changing conditions (Rotting wood, rotting OSs, etc.)

What these ivory tower assholes don't want to admit is that software development is a construction business like any other. They want their perfect constructions to exist forever in Platonic Space as perfect contemplative objects...

Get real. I hire the programmers I can afford. We fix it later if needs be. That's the real world, and that's how it will always be.

Comment: Re:Boom. Boom. Boom. Another one bite's the dust.. (Score 1) 121

Since I'm engaged in humorous speculation, I posit that stable vacuum events are either limited in size and scope or that they travel at less than C, or both.

Speaking of which, does the inside of a black hole qualify as a more stable type of vacuum? Being a fairly ignorant sort, can a physics guy out there enlighten me?

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