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Comment think of the children! (Score 1) 266

we have 3 3d printers at our hackerspace. So far 1) Children love them. We had one little girl design her own toy, and since then kids have been in a rush to learn how to design 3d. I can only imagine what they'll do once they start encountering real needs. 2) Inventors and their prototypes, typically custom boxes. Best I've seen is some casing for sonar equipment for making cell walls perforate enough to let medicine in. 3) We've got one guy who's building a replica of the enigma machine, and has learned how to design gears and simple plastic machine parts. The question isn't "what are you using 3d printing for" anymore. Once you've used one for a couple of months you start looking at everything around you in a completely different way. I no longer, for example, would be content to merely buy a new bicycle helmet. I'd want the STL file for it, and the materials in a way that could be printed/assembled locally.
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If you allocated F(t) seconds of ripple credit (in HRS) for every user with flair class ( F = { (60,0) , (50, 10), (40, 20), (30,30), (20,40), (10,50), (0,0), {other,0} } ) what is your expected value of this offer?

Comment Re:Will Ripple Eclipse Bitcoin? (Score 1) 144

at worst it sounds too complex for consumers to get their heads around

You could have said the same thing about personal computers. Most users who use Ripple may not even know they are using it, just like computers (most people who use computers do not realize that that thing in their hand that allows them to look at youtube is a computer)

Comment Re:So How do I make a withdrawl... (Score 1) 144

You do not have to use Gateways to use Ripple. If someone "credits" you 100$ then you should talk to that someone on how to retrieve it. Sometimes they may be connected to gateways, sometimes they are connected to the bitcoin bridge or some other bridge and you can use an exterior system. Sometimes not.

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