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Comment: Re:Legal response (Score 1) 298

by themassiah (#34268416) Attached to: Swedish Court Orders Detention of Wikileaks Founder Assange
Except that it wouldn't be rape in that case. Rape in most modern legal systems has a very well-defined, specific meaning which includes factors that contribute to the rapists intent and actions. While I am not an expert on Swedish or International Law, it doesn't seem logical that a progressive country like Sweden would allow such a claim to stand. Also, please understand that I'm not saying that in this hypothetical case, that the person who was HIV+ was in the right. In some states in the US, sexual contact with someone without informing them of your HIV status (if you know or suspect you are HIV+) is a very serious crime.

Comment: Re:What we need (Score 1) 117

by themassiah (#27107851) Attached to: US Cybersecurity Chief Beckstrom Resigns
Their is indeed a national focus (mandate, really) to implement DNSSEC on all internal DNS mechanisms in the .GOV domain by some arbitrary date. Unfortunately, it's one of those famous Bush unfunded mandates. A deadline with checkpoints and costs, but no money to cover those costs. I'm working at one of those 3-letter-agencies that is helping lead the way on DNSSEC in the government space, but their is SO MUCH RED TAPE and so little time to negotiate it.

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