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The Internet

Tactics in the Porn Industry's Fight Against Piracy 113

Posted by Zonk
from the interesting-times dept.
An anonymous reader writes "A C|Net article discusses the technological innovations being used by the porn industry to ensure they stay relevant (like streaming HD-quality feeds and remote interaction), as well as profitable. Live performances and cutting-edge technology combine to ensure a steady stream of revenue in the age of free downloads. 'Now Kink.com is on the cutting edge of the fight against video piracy. While mainstream entertainment outlets like Viacom and NBC complain noisily about YouTube, Kink.com, with neither the resources nor the mainstream appeal of its giant counterparts, is in an even tougher fight: Protecting the content it produces that's continually copied and reposted on the dozens of Web sites that traffic in poached adult material.'"
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Tesla coil bizarre effects.

Submitted by
Tesladownunder writes "Plain Tesla coil sparks are so-last-year. This Australian high voltage enthusiast/nut/genius and his camera have come up with a range of dramatic and new Tesla coil effects. Like the huge ring of sparks "Eye of Sauron" circling a car like a dramatic car thief protector. Or a ring of sparks around you out of nowhere. Perhaps you just fancy a swim with 100,000 volts. http://tesladownunder.com/tesla_coil_sparks.htm"

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