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Comment: Re:A bit confused (Score 1) 5 5

That's what it sounds like he's saying. I'm wondering if something got cached wrong somewhere, then he touched it and it rebuilt the cache, but I know nothing at all about SQL Server, any version.

I'm curious though, if he was inserting the rows into another table, what was the 5th row? all nulls or a duplicate of a previous row or?

Comment: Re:pardon my french, but "duh" (Score 1) 239 239

For someone using computers a lot, they're probably going to figure it out.
For someone not using computers a lot, and who have managed to do things by remembering exactly what to click - this is enormously fragile.

Even for people who do use computers a lot. I recently got a new macbook pro with Yosemite on it. I've been sticking with Snow Leopard because it seems so much better, but now that isn't an option. Yesterday I touched the touchpad in some way that made the computer go into some sort of mode in which I couldn't interact with any of the windows. I tried escape, random touchpad stuff, some other things. I'm embarrassed to say that I finally just resorted to a hard shutdown and reboot. There is apparently some cryptic touchpad sequence that will put the computer into useless mode, and a cryptic sequence required to get out of useless mode (and for what -- the view was just like normal view except for a darkened 1/4" frame around the whole screen -- it wasn't expose or full desktop -- I have no idea WTF it was for, normal view without the ability to interact with anything at all, not even force quit menu). Yosemite makes me seriously consider just putting Debian on that computer.

Comment: Re:Master key (Score 1) 69 69

Sort of like how Hacking Team had a separate watermark/backdoor into each tool they sold to governments.

I'm sure the government's solution will be to outlaw backdoors in stuff they buy while mandating backdoors for everyone else. Not being a flaming hypocrite has never been any politician's strong suit.

Comment: Re:Advanced users do not use Apple products (Score 1) 357 357

Get help.

After reading pages of you trolling anyone who has said anything about Apple products the evidence suggests that you are quite a toxic individual. I watched a documentary about the science behind Apples marketing acting on the same parts of the brain as religion does. You're what they were talking about, more than a iFanboi.

You're an iDevout.

What concerns me is I do know Apple users who are actually nice people so I hope that they don't display the traits that you do if they cross whatever threshold you crossed. Are you an Apple professional? Is this how they all behave?

The difference between you an me is you think Apple's products are genius for what they are and I think they are genius for how they make you think that. For that Job's creation is genius.

But you are not. You are a product called an iDevout iFanboi of the iJobsian iEvangelical iChurch where the iClones all iWorship and iPractice their iFaith.

I would suggest you take your own advice however I find your thin skin to be absolutely fucking hilariously entertaining.

Comment: Re:Living Wage is mandated for, and desired by idi (Score 1) 81 81

Hyperbole makes a good point, with fictitious examples, so that I can say things without being called "hater" or other kneejerk term the left drags out when they are actually losing a discussion on facts.

In this case, the fake person is part hyperbole, but examples abound enough to make the point. The Hyperbole part doesn't negate from my point, because it is semi fictitious. My point was, and still remains.

Because, if we talk about why a woman has three kids of unknown paternity at all, it reflects badly on her life choices and since that is her choice, we as a society must accept it. Anything else is "hate".

You see, if we start talking about the families (or lack thereof) and the lack of structure and the other poor life choices, and look at the facts of why these people are in such bad shape, the only conclusion will be, Socialism failures have destroyed the Black Families and three generations of the "great society" as done exactly what Johnson said it would, create a voting class that is enslaved to the status quo of voting for white liberal men and Uncle Tom blacks who perpetuate that enslavement.

But I am a racist white person who thinks black people are a lot more capable than liberals think they are.

Comment: Couldn't have happened to a nicer group of people (Score 5, Insightful) 79 79

Ah, schadenfreude. Seeing these jerks die by the sword they have wielded against the rest of us is just too satisfying.

I particularly like how it's come out that they were backdooring (and presumably screwing, or at least reserving the opportunity to screw) their own ethically-challenged customer base.

Really, it's not nice to take such delight in the downfall of others, but it just feels so damn good.

Comment: Re:Advanced users do not use Apple products (Score 1) 357 357

What does any of our "real conversation I avoid" (that you didn't even mention before) have to do with the topic being discussed?

Were I to use Apple Music on my collection, the user experiences I read about tell me I would have some pretty rare recordings deleted. Apple wouldn't care so I'm quite happy to manage my music collection myself and not allow Apple that control so I experience that frustration.

I repeat: Get Treatment. You are obviously losing grip on reality with every post you make.

Alternatively Mr iFanboi, you have a thin skin when Apple gets criticized because your substantial personal investment in their products makes criticism feel personal. Like someone calling you an iFool, iFanboi.

Comment: Re:Advanced users do not use Apple products (Score 1) 357 357

It is "snide" and "lose." Advanced users can usually spell. I only remember two of your spelling errors but there are probably more.

Indeed, my iFanboi friend did not deserve the time to proofread because he always pops up to troll anyone that looks vaguely like they are criticizing Apple. Though 'snyde' apparently means someone with a mental disorder to the urban dictionary.

No, I do not use a Mac. I own one and I own an iPod, I can not understand why people like them but I have, I admit, not taken enough time to use OSX or iOS to really get used to it. iOS is pretty intuitive so I manage that just fine but, still, never really use it. OSX is functional and, I am sure, a great desktop if I learn the ins and outs.

I found Gnome2 very customizable and it suits my workflow so there is little point spend my time on a mac. The Mac's UI does not seem like it is worth the investment in time when I can just use a linux box and the Apple hardware isn't any better than a T series lenovo.

The iFanbois attitudes are a particularly unattractive feature though.

Comment: Re:Therac 25 (Score 5, Insightful) 239 239

What happened is that people who used the system very day, day in and day out, became so fast at entering the machine settings the rate of UI events exceeded the ability of the custom monitor software written for the machine to respond correctly to them.

Which is still to some extent a UI issue.

But the literal "killer" is what happened next:
  1) The machine detected that it had screwed up.
  2) But the UI reported this by a cryptic error message: "MALFUNCTION nn" - where the 1 = nn = 64 error codes not only weren't explanatory, but weren't even included in the manual.
  3) And if the operator hit "P" (for "proceed") the machine would GO AHEAD AND OPERATE in the known-to-be-broken mode, giving the patient a fatal (high-power, not-swept-around) electrons rather than a 100x weaker flood of x-rays, with NO FURTHER INDICATION that something is still wrong (unless you count the patient sometimes screaming and running out of the room.)

If 2) and 3) aren't user interface problems, what is?

The price one pays for pursuing any profession, or calling, is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side. -- James Baldwin