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Comment: Re:Better a horse in the race... (Score 1) 437

by thejynxed (#48728569) Attached to: Netflix Cracks Down On VPN and Proxy "Pirates"

I've found that on any flavor of Unix-like OSes (that aren't on mobile devices), that the only semi-reliable way to get Amazon Instant Video to work properly is to use the nVidia binary-blob over any of the other open drivers, unfortunately. I believe there are still proprietary licensing issues when it comes to the open AMD and Intel drivers that cause HDCP to go wonky at times due to the "incomplete" way it had to be implemented.

Your mileage may vary of course, but at least on the hardware that resides in my home, this is and has been the case for several years now.

Comment: Re:if not collecting the data (Score 0) 75

by thejynxed (#48693259) Attached to: Apple Pay For the UK

Total sale amount, tax amount, location, time of day,other telemetry data, age of purchaser, name of purchaser, address of purchaser, address of the location, etc of the shop where the purchase was made, and of course Apple's own cut of the deal. There's probably more involving the back end of your banking facility, such as which bank and/or account was used to make the purchase during the transaction.

That's what I can think of off of the top of my head.

Comment: Re: Again... (Score 1) 278

by thejynxed (#48686455) Attached to: Snowden Documents Show How Well NSA Codebreakers Can Pry

They don't even need to do that. All they need to do, is get together with their counterparts in the CIA, FBI, etc, decide exactly what they need and want to happen, then take it to the Congressional Intelligence and related committees to make it happen.

We've already seen at least the FBI chirping in on this with commentary about Apple/Google and their upcoming mandatory default encryption on phones.

Comment: Re:Adblock is doing something right (Score 1) 699

by thejynxed (#48551359) Attached to: French Publishers Prepare Lawsuit Against Adblock Plus

7 on this page
1,670,489 in total

Mind you, this is a fresh installation of ABP for Chrome, essentially. Only one month old. On my venerable Firefox installation, I am over 20 million ads blocked. I also use a HOSTS file, so there's quite a bit filtered at the gate so to speak.

I block any and all ads, I don't care what site it is. Too many incidences of malware infestations and remote pwning via malicious scripts in ads for me to make any other choice.

Comment: Re:Weird lightsabre design (Score 1) 390

by thejynxed (#48487661) Attached to: First Star War Episode 7 Trailer Released

To prevent what we saw happen to Luke's hand in The Empire Strikes Back, that's why. Also, the Sith took pride in and had more individuality when it came to designing their hilts.

I just hope Abrams and Disney at least tosses us fans a few bones with the crystal colors of the sabers though. There were more than just Blue, Green, and Red.

Comment: Re:Whoa whoa whoa (Score 1) 642

by thejynxed (#48409805) Attached to: Sweden Considers Adding "Sexism" Ratings To Video Games

Wut...even their most mainstream members like Dworkin and McKinnon were like this, so to sit and say "It is only an obnoxious minority", is being very dishonest.

I am still awaiting the great whitewashing and angry denial that will come when the mainstream really looks into the origins of Feminism and find out how classist, racist, etc the entire thing has been from the beginning. Then the cherry on top will be when they start reading about the avid support for eugenics and eugenics programs their most prominent members and supporters have espoused over the years. Yes, Eugenic Feminism is/was a thing, and had monetary and other support from such well-known people as Andrew Carnegie, Margaret Sanger, and John D. Rockefeller.

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