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Comment: Eich, etc (Score 1) 1109

by thejynxed (#46698491) Attached to: Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law

Honestly the entire thing is moot at this point but, from all of the comments I've read, nobody seems to have mentioned that his contribution to Prop 8 could be based on his personal religious beliefs.

If anything (and there is no signs of him doing so at this point), he could press on the Federal level a case of discrimination for violating his Civil Rights based on the religious aspect alone.

He would probably also win if there was even a slight whiff of him having been pressured into resigning because of this. Race, religion, gender = the big three when it comes to discrimination lawsuits and highest on the no-no scale of what companies can fire for/pressure over.

Comment: Re:One side of the story (Score 1) 710

I would imagine that such info is kept in some sort of database using variables. Such metadata is more than likely easy to manipulate or make "disappear" if one has enough knowledge of how the entire system works. I would also make a guess that there are also some master keys and master locks in the entire thing where they can change the access level of such metadata, where by all intents and purposes it vanishes and never exists unless you've been assigned the permissions to access it.

I don't use git or github, so have no inside knowledge of how it works specifically, but I've seen similar systems in use on the backend at enough corporations to know how some of these systems work (and have seen entire data trunks seemingly vanish out of the streams when someone up the chain made it so).

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by thejynxed (#46503819) Attached to: Weak Apple PRNG Threatens iOS Exploit Mitigations

Of course it has, hence why all of the export controls on and other restrictions for encryption products that are actually useful, let alone the silly limitations certain OSes and other products use for key lengths.

We can't have people using encryption that actually keeps their systems and data safe, now can we. /s

Comment: Re:Linux sales figures (Score 1) 132

I cut GOG some slack, because they are a much, much smaller shop than Valve, and they keep their releases for each platform as a separate cost/price in order to A) pay the publishers/copyright holders B) pay the teams that port/package those releases to the OSes they offer them for.

They just don't have that kind of bank account or manpower to be handing out free extra copies just because you run Linux AND Windows.

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by thejynxed (#46444157) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's New In Legacy Languages?

It's pretty much vastly superior to anything else when it comes to writing programs involving fluid dynamics for gas/sewer/water/chemical companies, especially when you're designing pipe and valve flows for pump stations and the like, as well as taking extremely accurate measurements in already operational installations. The front-end of said programs can be written in just about anything, but the heavy lifting (meat) for many of these companies is still done with programs written in FORTRAN (due to program size, speed, stability, etc).

Comment: Re:"Must accept harmful interference..." (Score 1) 158

by thejynxed (#46222885) Attached to: L.A. Building's Lights Interfere With Cellular Network, FCC Says

The only caveat to this is in the cases of the following:

1) Medical devices

2) Aeronautical devices

3) Emergency Response devices

4) Milspec devices

For these, the owners CAN go after the licensee of the spectrum if their operating even slightly out of spec interferes with the operation of these devices.

Comment: Re:Google+ is supremely annoying (Score 1) 339

by thejynxed (#45930679) Attached to: Google Begins To Merge Google+, Gmail Contacts

It wasn't optional for me, as they refused to allow me to log into my Gmail account at one point without first giving them permission to change my Google account into a G+ account.

Now they have some stupid page where they are trying to get me to enter my other Google/Gmail accounts in an attempt to link it directly to my main Gmail/G+ account. No. Just no.

Comment: Re:TSA-quality thinking (Score 1) 349

It does matter, because if Operative A is in Indonesia and sends a message to Financier C in Yemen requesting funds, then that email is going to leave the local Google server farms (I believe they have some in Bali and another few sets in India, NZ, and AUS that are "backup") and can be recorded/intercepted even if they end up on another set of Google server farms to be retrieved later (I believe Israel, Egypt, Turkey and a few others have the ones that serve most of the Middle East).

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