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I found out from some local members of the Amish community that the reason they reject grid power is that it would put them in ongoing debt - which is very much against their religious beliefs. This is also partially why they reject the use of automobiles (some communities are more permissive and allow the hiring of vehicles to drive them long distances) - purchasing one can A) put you into debt which is against religious beliefs and B) goes against their beliefs of being good stewards of the earth (ongoing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution).

They don't reject use of things like some modern power tools, etc for use in their outside work for the 'English', especially when it comes to roofing contracts, building RVs, sheds, furniture, etc.

What's interesting to note - the debate is still ongoing in Amish communities about solar power panels and if they will be formally allowed - on the one hand it will give them electricity and whatnot in a 'clean' manner in compliance with their beliefs, on the other, there is objection to some of the materials used in those devices and how those materials are resourced.

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I remember reading about flaws, exploits, etc that broke Tor anonymous browsing/data transfer as far back as 2005 or so. Some of these issues are still there because they honestly can't be fixed without a complete overhaul of how the entire thing is coded and works. Instead they have fixed what they could, and coded in mitigations for the rest.

It goes without saying though, that Tor, like many other things online, is, was, and always will be vulnerable to MITM attacks.

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I was speaking in general. Note that there is no reference to her in my comment. I was simply pointing out that "blaming the victim" is not always illogical.

It's interesting that you attack me, rather than the point I was making. You make assumption after assumption, all based on an erroneous conclusion. Sad, really.

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I didn't presume he worked harder. I stated is a fact. There are people who work harder, even if you can say in every case "but did they?" The question presumes that there is a burden of proof to be met before they get more than an equal share. The world is full of people who work harder than the vast majority. Calling them criminals is just a footstep down the slippery slope to murdering them. You cannot change human nature just because it's "not fair."

You presume many things to be true in order to support your argument. They are not necessarily true, but they are necessarily speculative. The burden of proof is on you, and you haven't come close to meeting it.

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