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Comment: Re: Again... (Score 1) 132

by thejynxed (#48686455) Attached to: Snowden Documents Show How Well NSA Codebreakers Can Pry

They don't even need to do that. All they need to do, is get together with their counterparts in the CIA, FBI, etc, decide exactly what they need and want to happen, then take it to the Congressional Intelligence and related committees to make it happen.

We've already seen at least the FBI chirping in on this with commentary about Apple/Google and their upcoming mandatory default encryption on phones.

Comment: Re: Am I missing something? (Score 1) 225

by Fjandr (#48673629) Attached to: GCHQ Warns It Is Losing Track of Serious Criminals

Not true at all. If I witness Bob murder Tom, I know Bob murdered Tom. If, however, Bob manages to destroy all physical evidence of murdering Tom, convicting him can't be done on my word alone.

There are many cases where it is well-known that someone is a criminal, and yet they are not prosecuted for lack of admissible evidence.

Comment: Re:And who will collect the trash? (Score 1) 439

by Fjandr (#48673421) Attached to: How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years

It seems the largest part of the communication problem when talking about libertarian ideas is the misconception that "libertarian" means "no government." There are those who attach themselves to libertarian causes who would like to see "no government," but a libertarian government would exist with the mandate to protect people from exactly the sorts of things you just questioned.

Being against the initiation of force is not, in any way, the same as being against all uses of force at all times.

Comment: Re:How about ignoring it? (Score 1) 482

by Fjandr (#48637639) Attached to: Colorado Sued By Neighboring States Over Legal Pot

9th & 10th Amendments. Unless it's a power granted to the Federal Government, or reserved by a State, it's a right retained by the people.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has ruled that even the most tenuous, indirect link to interstate commerce creates Federal jurisdiction, which means only those rights specifically enumerated are actually protected in their eyes.

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