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Comment: Well, yeah. (Score 3, Interesting) 133

by thejoelpatrol (#37593618) Attached to: Facebook Files For a Patent To Track Its Users On Other Sites
If you're still listening to anything Facebook says, I don't know what else to tell you. This is hardly the first time they've lied about something like this. They say things that are so implausible that they aren't worth listening to. They want every piece of data. Period. They will do whatever they can to get more data on people. Any time they say something to the contrary, they are lying.

Comment: Re:I highly doubt this (Score 1) 449

by thejoelpatrol (#34481332) Attached to: PC Era Forecasted To End In 18 Months
While everyone can agree that this story is a bit silly all around, I can't believe this comment got modded +5. Am I to believe that the real reason this is silly is because people need a PC to play WoW or Starcraft? Or because people like to upgrade their hardware with new CPUs and graphics cards? The fact that the commenter doesn't even know what it is like to buy a pre-built PC should make us pretty skeptical that his/her experience can be generalized to the entire population...

Also, we better not opine about what it is like to write college theses if we can't spell thesis correctly.

Comment: Terrible summary (Score 1) 911

by thejoelpatrol (#28260483) Attached to: Computers Key To Air France Crash
Boeing's use of hydraulics instead of fly-by-wire technology has nothing to do with American individualism. And Airbus's use of electronics isn't due to Europeans' greater trust in computers. It's because Airbus's only popular designs are newer than most of Boeing's. Newer technology really is better here, sorry. Remember that American jet that landed safely in the Hudson river recently? It was a lot easier to pull that one off due to its flight controls.

Here's an entertaining and actually informative take on that incident:

Feel free to get off any Airbus jet you don't trust, but as someone learning to fly pretty old planes, I'll ride the new ones, thanks.

Comment: Re:What's the story here? (Score 1) 199

by thejoelpatrol (#27498809) Attached to: Organized Online, Students Storm Gov't. Buildings In Moldova
Yeah, basically. It's noteworthy that twitter is useful for this kind of thing. This was not some sort of foregone conclusion. When you first heard that people were twittering about all the inane stuff they do every 5 minutes, would you have thought it would also be useful for this? It would be noteworthy if 10 other hard-to-control tools sprang up, too, which they probably will in time. The more communication tools people can use to carry out tactics against governments that try to cut off access to those tools, the better. I bet there are some other students in some other country struggling for democracy who think this is pretty noteworthy indeed, and will try to organize this way now.

+ - Virgin Galactic to Remain Virgin->

Submitted by thejoelpatrol
thejoelpatrol (764408) writes "The president of Virgin Galactic has announced that the space tourism company rejected a $1 million offer to make porn in space. It was probably a matter of principal, but with the first batch of tickets selling for $200,000 each, one has to wonder if the offer was just too low. That said, with the most expensive porn film yet costing about that much, space sex may remain the domain for sci-fi for a while."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Overnight Flights & sleeping (Score 1) 155

by thejoelpatrol (#19971269) Attached to: Qantas To Offer In-Flight Internet, Laptop Amenities
Never mind that congregating in the galley area could be illegal on flights to/from the US, depending if the galley is near the front of the plane. (Forgive me if few planes are structured this way, but I just looked up a few seating charts and it seemed that several common Boeing models were)
Operating Systems

+ - ZFS port in Leopard confirmed by Sun CEO->

Submitted by
Rossi writes "Jonathan Schwartz today confirmed that Apple has ported ZFS from the Open Solaris project and that the file system will be available in OS X 10.5. He also mentioned that Apple would make this announcement at the WWDC next week. Does this spoiler arrive suspiciously after Steve Jobs announced Java wouldn't be available on the iPhone?"
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+ - Online file conversion with Youtube integration

Submitted by
Pascal Beyeler
Pascal Beyeler writes "Have you ever had the need to convert a file but you hadn't the necessary programs? Now you don't need the applications anymore. You can convert the files online for free at Just upload the file and choose the file type to convert to. There's also a Youtube integration. You've just to enter the link and choose the file type. As soon as the file conversion has finished you'll receive a notification email. Converting files made easy."

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