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Comment: Re:Call me cynical, but... (Score 1) 385

by theillien (#43952445) Attached to: NSA Surveillance Heat Map: NSA Lied To Congress
It isn't denial. It's paying attention to world affairs and seeing the backsliding of Russia into the same political mentality of the Soviet Union. I don't deny that the US government is performing domestic surveillance of us. That is obvious and has been speculated for a while. But, to say we are doing so more than Russia? That's worthy of skepticism.

Comment: Re:Microsoft cares about privacy (Score 1) 558

by theillien (#41548889) Attached to: Advertisers Blast Microsoft Over IE Default Privacy Settings

I understand what is being said about Apache, et al ignoring it because it is a default setting and not explicitly indicative of how a user might feel. However, your response still doesn't explain the impact on consumers. How will defaulting to DNT be detrimental to the people not being tracked?

If anything, organizations and companies ignoring the setting whether it's on by default or not seems like it would have a far more negative affect on the browser's users.

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