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The Almighty Buck

+ - IT Rates in US compared to UK

Submitted by
da_Den_man writes "I am currently a consultant in the United States. I am looking to take on an opportunity in the U.K., and was wondering what type of pay scale would be appropriate to set for myself. I currently average about $65.00 / hr with a standard 40 hour working week. In looking at just doing a straight conversion, does the pay/wage scale exist in GBP or Euro's? What is the average salary for a programmer in the U.K.? Is there a chance of medical / dental, and if so, is that amount just pulled from the wage earned? Would these services be a bargaining chip in the contract, or just taken as a given that they would be available? What type of rent scale is present in London and the surrounding area (what should I expect to pay for a 2 bdrm flat a month?) and are the utility services provided, or would I as the renter be responsible for them?"

+ - Japan to Launch Magnetic Trains in 2025

Submitted by SpeedyTrain
SpeedyTrain (1011153) writes "Magnetic trains zooming at a landscape-blurring 310 miles an hour will connect Tokyo and Nagoya by 2025, one of Japan's biggest railway operators said Friday. The new magnetically levitated, or "maglev," trains would slash the 100-minute travel time down the country's busiest transportation corridor and are envisioned as a successor for Japan's iconic bullet trains, or shinkansen, first introduced to the world in 1964."

Cause of global warming found->

From feed by registerfeed
Discovery revealed in letter to editor

A particularly astute individual has put two and two together to gain a major new insight into the cause of one of mankind's most pressing crises. Remarking that last month was the hottest March since the beginning of last century, the resident of Hot Springs, Arkansas, was quick to pinpoint the cause in a letter published by the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

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+ - Explaining the Dangers of Privacy Intrusion

Submitted by thehorse
thehorse (899389) writes "I'm the typical /. nut, and get angry whenever there is a news story about governments reducing their citizens' privacy rights. My wife, however, doesn't understand why it's such a big deal that the government could read our emails or bank accounts, track our movements in our cars, capture us on public video cameras, etc. I've tried to explain to her the slippery slope involved, and try to illustrate how losing our personal privacy can turn us into the societies like ones depicted in 1984, or a slew of other sci-fi literature/movies, but she still doesn't get it. And probably because I'm not the best story-teller.

Since my wife isn't a /. geek, and doesn't like sci-fi, can anyone help me explain to her why she should be concerned about government intrusion into her private life?"

Nintendo working to boost Wii production->

From feed by engfeed

Filed under: Gaming

While it should hardly come as a surprise given the demand, the AP is reporting that Nintendo is currently working to increase its Wii production in an effort to satisfy as many patiently-waiting gamers as possible. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata also admitted that the company has not been able to properly foresee demand and said that the current lack of stock was "abnormal." Of course, they aren't sayin' exactly how much they'll be increasing production by, nor are they willing to disclose what the current monthly production capacity is. Nintendo is slightly less secretive about it's other hot-selling console, however, boasting that it's now churning out 2.5 million DSs a month, making it the highest production ever for a Nintendo game console.

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!

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+ - First 'habitable' alternative to Earth found

Submitted by ceros
ceros (946023) writes "European astronomers yesterday reported the discovery of a habitable planet located nearby in the constellation Libra. The so-called "super-Earth" is the smallest of the 229 planets found beyond our solar system. Moreover, it orbits within the "Goldilocks Zone" where temperatures are "just right" for water — and thus life — to exist."

+ - Windows Longhorn Server Beta 3 released!

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "Windows Longhorn Server Beta 3 was released to the masses today, and in what could be a first for Microsoft, the site which broke the news early got a cease and desist letter for it. Direct Download links inside for your leeching pleasure."

+ - Missing GOP Emails Had Clues About '04 Election

Submitted by
HabbyHorse writes "A slightly left-heavy site, CommonDreams, talks about how the missing E-mails on Rove's laptop (and from the GOP/RNC servers), may have held smoking gun evidence on the disenfranchisement and other crimes for the 2004 Presidential Election in Ohio.

From the article..."E-mails being sought from Karl Rove's computers, and recent revelations about critical electronic conflicts of interest, may be the smoking guns of Ohio's stolen 2004 election. A thorough recount of ballots and electronic files, preserved by a federal lawsuit, could tell the tale.The major media has come to focus on a large batch of electronic communications which have disappeared from the server of the Republican National Committee, and from White House advisor Rove's computers. The attention stems from the controversial firing of eight federal prosecutors by Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales.""

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