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Comment: Re:Linux package management is a mess (Score 1) 132

by thegux (#28764233) Attached to: Linux Distributions' Tracking of Upstream Projects Examined
This is something I can definitely relate too. However, I find that project-specific PPAs solve most of these problems. For the projects you've mentioned:

I couldn't find one for FileZilla. In most cases though, there will be a PPA with up-to-date packages of the stuff you want.

Comment: Re:Full 'nix for arm? (Score 1) 262

by thegux (#26546621) Attached to: Ubuntu Mobile Looks At Qt As GNOME Alternative

How many programmers cant be bothered to use the standard shortcut keys of the system(s) they target with their programs? Particularly in X, unfortunately, many even deliberately remove the ability of the user to *set* those keys to the standard they are used to? (Yes, I'm looking at you Gnome.)

I don't know how long this has been there, but I'm using Ubuntu 8.10 and if you go into System -> Preferences -> Appearance, in the Interface tab you can tick a box to give you "Editable menu shortcut keys", which as far as I know enables editable shortcuts Gnome-wide (it works in Gedit anyway).

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