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Comment: Re:And still we don't learn (Score 1) 81

by thegarbz (#49567153) Attached to: New Zero Day Disclosed In WordPress Core Engine

When will people start looking beyond a nice and shiny interface and put quality (which includes security) at the top of their priority list.

As soon as another easy to use, easy to implement system comes along that can replace it. Next you'll be complaining we don't all program by tapping the 1 and 0 button on the keyboard in a certain pattern.

Abstraction has it's place, and there's essentially no alternative to wordpress that has the feature set, documentation, ease of use, and user group behind it.

Comment: Re:What we are seeing is ... (Score 1) 346

by thegarbz (#49559295) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed

Like M$, like Yahoo, like Myspace and so on, Google is on its way down

Interesting assessment. Given that MS, Yahoo, and Myspace all were shown to be colossal laggards when it came to adapting to new markets and instead spent their lives milking a cash cow till nothing was left I would say quite the opposite.

That is in a great part Google's strategy and has been since its birth. Yes it was a search engine at heart but they have always been the type of company which allows employees the flexibility to develop their own projects. The side effect of that is they may dump projects what appears to be randomly and change things often, but the major upside is that it is precisely this model that makes them flexible and adaptable.

I love watching people say Google is on its way down, by all accounts it the only logical way of justifying that statement is that they are currently further up than they've ever been.

Comment: Re:not enough noise over systemd (Score 1) 423

by thegarbz (#49557379) Attached to: Debian 8 Jessie Released

Debian also got out of its way and is updating all servers to systemd without our asking

There's a simple reason for this: Debian is not a democracy. I don't know where people get these silly ideas. It's a project run by a few core maintainers who make all the decisions. Linux on the whole is about choice, choice of which distribution you run, and choice of how to configure that distribution within its provided parameters.

The only thing new here is that suddenly its a parameter you actually care about. Nothing else has changed in the way systems are run.

Don't like it? Why not support one of the forks?

Comment: Re:Different opinions (Score 1) 423

by thegarbz (#49557349) Attached to: Debian 8 Jessie Released

Any unfinished editing is lost, connections are torn down forcefully.

I don't cry about this. Too many programs out there assume that the only scenario for them is a perfectly and ordered shutdown, and then if something happens such as lockups, system crashes, or power outages there is suddenly as massive amount of data lost or corrupted. Maybe this will force some people to actually write their software in a more tolerant way.

Comment: Re:Is that proven? (Score 1) 423

by thegarbz (#49557311) Attached to: Debian 8 Jessie Released

Is there any proof or are the faster boot times just on the wish list?

I can't remember where but I distinctly remember reading that systemd does NOT provide the fastest boot times. Faster than sysvinit in many scenarios, but not faster than some other parallel startup setups.

But then really fast boot times was not at all the point. It was more of a side effect of being an event based init system rather than a linear list of scripts executed in order. In fact the speed of boot is not mentioned on the project page, and even Poettering's blog only mentions that it's faster than Upstart in Fedora 17 and only due to one specific reason.

Comment: Re:systemd sux (Score 1) 423

by thegarbz (#49557267) Attached to: Debian 8 Jessie Released

The only problem systemd solves is to replace things so old that they are maintained by people that have been coding for longer than Lennart Poettering.

Yep, along with all the other problem the outdated init system presents that we have spent years and years patching and adding helper programs to work around.

Comment: Re:vs the other thousands... (Score 1) 164

working for the biggest destroyer of privacy on the planet.

Indeed, he was a true monster and deserves to be vilified. We should start a kickstarter to buy pitchforks for all. I'll organise a press release.

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