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Comment Re:So what's the point? (Score 1) 230

If the goal isn't full autonomy then it doesn't really seem like we need to do much more research and development. How boring will it be to be "driving" a car that can do 99% of the driving by itself but insists on you paying attention (at least intermittently) to do the remaining 1%, instead of kicking back and enjoying your time doing something else?

This. OMG This. 1 million times this.

I would happily swap a 30min drive with a 1 hour train trip if it meant I could read a book, sleep, or do any of the million more exciting activities than making sure that a hunk of metal stays between white lines and dodges other hunks of metal which don't.

Driving is one of the least pleasurable parts of my day, and I say this as someone who loves taking my car out on a track day and letting lose on a racecourse.

Comment Re:don't blame Apple for all this (Score 1) 93

Don't just blame Apple for all this. Blame the Australian government and their protectionist policies that enable companies to take advantage of customers because they have no alternatives.

Horseshit. How about you blame the ideals that you think the price should be exactly the same despite a major change in the value of the dollar. Yes it applies a cost pressure to Australia but at some point Apple decided that a song costs X USD, and when the AUD starts falling against the USD then the cost of the song needs to rise accordingly.

Protectionist my arse. Why shouldn't a company existing in a free market be able to charge what they want? It's not like you can't get your music from many other sources.

Comment Re:What's Wordpress walling ... (Score 1) 79

And yet Wordpress installations get owned all the time for the express purposes of sending spam. Go look at the wordpress forums for an account of the many different ways this has happened.

Maybe it doesn't make money. Maybe the people involved just want to watch the world burn.

Or maybe there's economics involved that incentivise people to do just this, and you haven't thought of it yet.

Comment Re:Yeah, makes perfect sense... (Score 2) 298

Management, overhead, replacement cost, equipment cost.

You've got to be kidding yourselves if the cost of any operation is the sum total of the salary of those involved, and this is absolutely nothing unique to the public sector.

Heck I internally bill my time to another department at close to 4 times my salary. That is simply made up of my salary + overheads + lost opportunity cost. It's like those people who complain that contractors make twice as much money as staff without realising that they spend half of it on managing their own affairs.

Comment Re:Unconcerned with this level of scrutiny? (Score 1) 76

Re-read the comment. Abbott was the mastermind of incompetence and distraction. Now that he's gone people may have time to care about things such as data retention. Though in reality Abbott was just a face on which to lay blame. The problems in the government run deep on all sides of the political spectrum and it isn't solved by removing the figure head.

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 1) 633

My favourite was listening to the audio recording of the cop who pulled a taser on Sarah Bland recently and was quoted as saying "Get out of the car or I will light you up".

The interview was with the police chief and the interviewer asked him if this was normal police training. The only thing he could muster out was that the officer "used a poor choice of words".

No shit Sherlock.

Comment Re:TLDR, were any laws broken? (Score 1) 244

I find it hard to believe that Facebook has no profit generating business in the UK. No UK companies buying adds on the site. So of course laws were broken. If a company makes business in several countries but only report their income in the one with the lowest tax rate then they are cheating on their taxes. There are a lot of financial techniques possible for that.

Actually they are not, and nearly every investigation has found the practice to be legally and well within the tax framework available. These companies are investigated constantly and are found to have complied every time.

The way companies respond to these enquiries are fair and just. One former Australian CEO was quoted as saying to members of parliament that he has a legal mandate to minimise the amount of money he pays to the government in the forms of tax. Not doing so would open him up to legal problems with shareholders. If they want more money then it's up to the government to change their tax laws and require it.

Google's chiefs said the same at a senate enquiry. Their view was that they weren't cheating on tax. They simply paid the minimum they were required to in the legal framework which was in place, and they will keep paying the minimum and ASIC repeatedly identified that according to laws they paid the correct amount, which was almost zero.

If you want this to change you need to change the laws. Until you do then you can't accuse them of cheating.

Comment Re:That's one way to do it (Score 1) 266

Actually you just proved mine. Go into any Best buy and the most heavily promoted item you'll see is a Surface. Not to mention the large number of mag-alloy laptops with SSDs, IPS screens and the like.

You have blinders on. There are plenty of laptops that are nicer than the Surface at a reasonable price too. If the Surface wasn't also a tablet I wouldn't have bought it. As a laptop alone it certainly didn't top the price / performance / quality list when I bought it.

Comment Re:Did they realize they were in a National Park? (Score 1) 57

I have to say I could not disagree more. National parks are the one place where the likely damage caused by an out of control drone is incredibly limited and at the same time the footage obtained can be quite stunning. This is a good incentive to get idiots with out of control drones out of the crowded cities.

Comment Re:What's Wordpress walling ... (Score 2) 79

The ability to arbitrarily run code on a webserver is one.

I've seen a wordpress installation owned once. A small modification to one of the team files included a mail relay server. Its amazing how much spam you can send out when you own a machine in a data centre somewhere vs some poor grandma's ADSL line.

Comment Re:Can you stick wiith one solution? (Score 1) 132

I've never seen a solution be replaced due to features or for fun. They typically get replaced due to obsolescence, defunct vendor and lack of support, or because the vendor is trying to fleece the client with an insanely expensive support contract once their solution is in place.

Sticking with one solution is not as easy as you think.

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