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Comment: Re:arch, branding (Score 1) 101

by thegarbz (#49384507) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Surface 3 Tablet

Not sure what to make if this non pro thing.

Just look at it and say 1/3rd of the performance for 1/3rd of the price.

There doesn't appear to be any appreciable difference between the Surface and the Surface Pro now that from the looks of things they abandoned their extreeeeeeeeeeeemly crippled OS. .... I think ..... based solely on the fact that it has an x86 chip.

Comment: Re:Looks OK... (Score 1) 101

by thegarbz (#49384503) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Surface 3 Tablet

Keyboard + trackpad + doubles as protective cover + features that automatically disable it when folded back allowing the system to display onscreen keyboard and prevents accidental clicks + the fact that it's about 1mm thick + attaches magnetically + it gives you somewhere on the tablet to clip the pen (a big fucking oversight from Microsoft).

You're not paying $130 for a keyboard. You're paying the $130 that Microsoft deviously omitted from the price tag of their product.

Comment: Re:See nothing that says this is x86 (Score 2) 101

by thegarbz (#49384471) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Surface 3 Tablet

105W is not astonishingly bad;

Yeah you're right. The correct word would be fucking atrocious and physically unworkable in an enclosure only 1cm thick.

I expect my portable computers to be just that: Portable computers. I do the same things with a portable computer as I do with a desktop computer.

Then buy an Alienware desktop replacement. Just don't come back and complain it costs more than $500, weighs more, or is thicker or heavier.

I doubt this new Atom part is even as fast as my (even more ancient) 1.83GHz, 2MB cache, single-core Pentium-M laptop at these tasks.

Why doubt when you could simply type Pentium M into the search box and see that not a single Pentium M based PC beat it in single-core benchmarks?

Perhaps I am a corner-case in that I actually want a CPU to be "fast" compared to products from a decade or so ago, especially if the device is bigger than a cell phone. I'm not buying anything slower than what I already have.

You're not a corner case. You're simply clueless in matters of engineering, reality, and lack the realisation that there's more people in the world than yourself who would much prefer something small, light, can run all day without power, and still do pretty much most of the common tasks that don't require a modern workstation or gaming rig to perform.

Comment: Re:A Pyrrhic victory for Nintendo. (Score 1) 91

by thegarbz (#49384439) Attached to: Mario 64 Remake Receives a DMCA Complaint From Nintendo

Way to cause everyone to hate you Nintendo. I hope you enjoy your no-none sales of your rehashed products.

Funny you mention sales of rehashed products. The product in question is still on active sale. It's not some abandoned old game that someone is breathing new life into.

Comment: MediaDefender (Score 3, Interesting) 76

by thegarbz (#49384369) Attached to: UK IP Chief Wants ISPs To Police Piracy Proactively

Yep I fully agree. I hope they start knocking off all sorts of legitimate media as a result because how the hell are they supposed to identify is any specific website hosting content actually owns that IP? What with thousands of publishers owning the IP rights to billions of pieces of media who knows if Sony has the right to distribute a video they are showing on their own website? Heck streaming a football match on ESPN isn't even certain. Maybe there's a dispute in the background and they don't own the IP there either.

I saw we block everything, starting with all the media companies. Man that would make the internet far more pleasant.

Comment: Re:Copyright (Score 2) 91

by thegarbz (#49383489) Attached to: Mario 64 Remake Receives a DMCA Complaint From Nintendo

Nintendo doesn't make money anymore with that specific game.

Yes they do. You can buy it right now on the Wii-U. We bought it for the Wii a few years ago. Nintendo have re-released a lot of their franchised greats over and over again on each new console. Heck they only released the SuperMario collections a few years ago with all the old classic games, ON A DISC. Not even a generic Nintendo store download, but a disc sold in the store with games remade to work on new consoles.

Comment: Re:downgrading cpu to make battery numbers look be (Score 1) 101

by thegarbz (#49382723) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Surface 3 Tablet

All the Surfaces had ARM based processors. The Atom is a nice step up in comparison.

All the Surface Pros had Intel i5s and up, and they still do.

In either case battery life has not been a source of complaints, and even with the Pro 3's i5 which is the same as the Pro 2's the battery easily lasts 8 hours or so.

Comment: Re:2GB More Than Enough With Windows 8.1 (Score 0, Troll) 101

by thegarbz (#49382707) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Surface 3 Tablet

As much as I hate Windows 8.1, one thing they have done right is greatly reduced the memory load.

Windows Vista 64-bit took about 2GB RAM, you basically had to have 3GB+ to run anything.

Windows 7 64-bit took about 1GB RAM, or practical tests 0.8GB, you basically had to have 2GB+ to run anything.

Windows 8/8.1 takes a whole 0.28GB RAM, you basically need 1GB+ to run anything.

The Surface 3 is made for word processing, browsing the web, watching video, taking notes, or simpler tasks like that. 2GB will work well for this role.

Sorry but I can't agree. I've never seen Windows 8.1 EVER run with that low of a memory load, and that's the first thing I checked when I bought a Surface Pro 3 fresh out of the box because I was worried that 4GB wasn't going to be enough. Admittedly I do photography which is why I was worried about 4GB, and really I was right. It is a battle to get any software to provision more than 2GB of memory. Windows 8.1 booted up out of the box consuming just over 1GB. These days it boots to about 1.5GB with Chrome, Dropbox, and generic odds and ends installed. Firing up word, opening a 3 page document, and having Outlook open at the same time will consume around about 500MB of RAM by itself.

So no. I do not agree that 2GB is enough on a modern system. I do not agree that 2GB is enough on a modern system that only runs Office, let alone one that will have Onenote and other things open in the background.

I love the Surface 3 Pro. It's been a real pleasure to use since I bought it and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with enough budget and the desire to have one device act as a tablet and a laptop. But I won't EVER suggest to anyone these days that they can get away with a full Windows PC that only has 2GB of RAM.

Comment: Re:Way to piss off customers, Apple. (Score 1) 190

Ok let's assume that both watches have zero features. Because they do. I can ask anyone what the time is, and if I'm in range of my phone from my watch I could pick up the phone.

Now the argument is:

Would you spend $800 on something that last 13+ years with no maintenance. Or would you spend $500 on something that last 3 years and then needs to be replaced?

Now the argument would be if you follow this train of thought then the smartwatch with a flat battery which is unable to sync to the phone is still the same fashion accessory, except then you have the broken watch problem. If you don't have a watch and you ask someone the time everything is okay. If your watch breaks and you ask someone the time you get strange looks. If people know you run around wearing a broken watch they just think you're an absolute twat. Mind you that could be a fashion statement all in itself.

Point is the value proposition for things we put on our arms are nothing to do with features but they are to do with design, manufacture quality, and longevity, and the smartwatches in general really fail on that last part.

Comment: Re:This is how you destroy your product. (Score 1) 92

by thegarbz (#49376703) Attached to: Arduino Dispute Reaches Out To Distributors

Oh I agree. They should die in a fire, but my point is that the ecosystem is out of their control. If they disappeared tomorrow it wouldn't change that Arduino is used and works on thousands of clones, copies, and even in some legit products which have been loaded with their bootloader.

I'm speaking back against the assertion that Arduino SRL's actions in some way make the Arduino ecosystem not worth the trouble. They could run around tomorrow and start killing babies, but the system itself will still work the same way it did yesterday.

Comment: Re:Way to piss off customers, Apple. (Score 1) 190

Exactly. My $800 watch has lasted for about 13 years. It's on it's 3rd battery. My dad's Rolex is about 35 years old now, it doesn't even have a battery.

I may be able to justify a nice looking smart watch if and only if it had some way of extending it's life as a fashion accessory, otherwise it is just a dumb device that duplicates all functionality I already have in my pocket except on my hand.

Fashion accessories should not wear out, suffer from EOL problems due to irreplaceable batteries, or not work with future devices, especially if they are expensive fashion accessories.

Comment: Re:Way to piss off customers, Apple. (Score 1) 190

This! For the Australian launch of the iPad 3 there were people queued for the entire day at the Apple store. My friend ducked out of work at lunch time went down to JB HiFi picked up his iToy, grabbed lunch and was back at his desk before anyone noticed.

It's like people think the Apple store is the only place to actually buy Apple stuff.

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