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Comment Re:Yeah, and? (Score 1) 341

Mistakes happen in war, people get killed. It sucks, but that is how it is.

Yet another worthless apologist. Mistakes will only keep on happening while people with your idiotic attitude exist. Designating friendly zones is something that can be automated 100% to prevent mistakes. But no it's war so shit happens right?

You are part of the problem.

Comment Re:The gloves are off (Score 1) 217

And there we have it folks. Collecting and correlating data to gain profit from advertising while providing an otherwise free service that many people benefit from has yet again been equated as being evil.

This is exactly why it was pointless to keep the slogan. Evil has no specific meaning beyond some person disagreeing with a course of action and thus deeming the other party to be "evil".

Comment Re:There's some big philosophical differences. (Score 1) 217

There's some very important meaning in 'don't be evil' that I always liked. .... ... "Do the right thing", however, is utterly subjective.

Hardly. People have been equating the words evil with anything they don't like for a good 5+ years now. One of the best cases I saw was something being opt out instead of opt in like the poster wanted, thus Google is evil.

Meaning is derived on a person by person basis. When people derive meaning from some inbred hate for a corporation it doesn't matter what the slogan is, subjectively it is still the same and the company is breaking it. Damn those corporations.

Comment Re:"Do the right thing...." (Score 1) 217

Don't be evil could apply just as well to shareholders. It also lacks definition. Google was never evil. I never saw a Google employee actively punch babies out of spite. But Google was always evil because ... errm ... advertising and tracking and stuff.
The original slogan lost all meaning.

Comment Re:"Do the right thing...." (Score 1) 217

I don't see it as any different. People have been truly distorting the word evil for the past few years to mean "anything I don't like about what they are currently doing". The word had completely lost its meanings with regular threads comparing completely benign actions to the reign of Hitler.

The previous slogan was just as ambiguous and lacked just as much meaning which should come as a surprise when using so few words.

Comment Re:+++ Breaking News +++ (Score 2) 51

When shipping 13 million complex computing units, some may be faulty.

People would happily accept this as an excuse if company's policies weren't so highly toxic towards user hardware. Like the classic response is always: have you restored it to factory defaults. Well no, not I haven't, I figured you may be able to tell me something more than nuke all my settings and hope the problem is gone.

Comment Re:This was not a screw-up (Score 5, Insightful) 341

Not hitting a target is quite different from specifically hitting a target that they shouldn't. But you're right there's a lot of data to process and people make mistakes. So why was a human in the loop at all? Why isn't there a zone defined in a computer system that throws up an error when someone who's lost track of the war they are fighting punches in the wrong number?

We should be expecting 100% and we should be striving for it, and not making excuses.

Comment Re:Government sets absurd limits then companies ch (Score 1) 90

At the time you were right to, these days LCDs are better than Plasmas were.

There are already quickly growing libraries of 4k on Netflix, Amazon, even Youtube has 4k content. Also if you use your TV for something other than videos like another computer monitor, running picture slideshows etc you also get the full benefit.

I'm not saying you're not right. I don't see the value in it right now either. But the library has grown considerably since the last time there was a 4k related discussion on Slashdot and it's growing every day, so you may want to keep a constant check on your assumptions rather than comparing the TV to the Bluray player.

Comment Re:will they "cost no more to" buy? (Score 2) 171

The cost of complete solar systems panels and batteries is offset by the capital value they add to the property, so unlike renting a power connection and burning capital as energy, it gives the home owner something to sell.

Maybe at some point in the future. Right now as someone who has close ties to realestate industry it doesn't only not add value to the property to be off the grid, but it actually counts as a negative. People don't care for fancy gadgets, they care for an easy to understand reliable connection that involves no maintenance. Off grid solar or actually anything off grid fails on all three of those points. Solar is about as much of an "asset" as a car, it costs a lot up front, devalues quickly as technology progresses, and no one really appreciates it's purchase and ongoing value.

The more this comes into practice the more rapid the shift to DC only appliances in the home this not only reducing the cost of those appliances but also the solar power system.

This is just flat out not going to happen. There's no standard for it. There's no driver for it: For small appliances there's zero benefit as the voltages will likely be wrong so they still need a powersupply, for large energy guzzlers DC is less efficient than AC, especially for devices that are 3ph. No houses are wired for it. Few devices are available for it. And unless you keep the voltages dangerously high (dangerous from the burning your house down due to a minor fault type dangerous) the cables losses are excruciating. Stick with AC.

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