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Comment Re:Lovely, just lovely (Score 2) 153

I concur. Facebook is the biggest waste of time ever. Now excuse me while I finish reading these random comments on Slashdot before I go do a few Sudoku, then sit down in front of the TV for 3 hours on a Simpsons binge. Maybe this afternoon I'll play some candy crush and then fry my brain by driving a tuktuk around in circles in Far Cry 4.

By many metrics Facebook is far more useful and has far more utility than the stupendously large list of things human beings "waste time" with.

Comment Re:The gun is pointing at the foot (Score 1) 381

Australis has helped drive away over half of Firefox's users.

Yep Australis did that. Yes sirree, just Australis, nothing else. Users are only leaving because of Australis. There were no hundred Slashdot stories in this time describing dickhead moves such as advertising with tiles, fucking up home pages, removing endlessly more and more features, abandoning their plugin system, introducing Hello, partnering with a commercial product called Pocket, I'm sure I could come up with more if I had my coffee.

Yep just Australis. We have no other reason to hate it.

I left. But not over Australis. That was the least of Firefox's dick moves.

Comment Re:APorsche Self-Drive? (Score 1) 210

And masochists love being whipped by their partners until they are blue on their asses.

I don't understand your reasoning, but being defensive is understandable because the GP's comment was out of line. There are plenty of people who buy Porsches for the joy of driving and not all people are posers. That said anyone who defends a sports car as a joy in a daily inner city commute is pushing it. Now that said not everyone's commute is the inner city. Some people drive to work on long stretches of road without stop start (mostly stop) traffic that's fine. You can still get joy driving like that.

And those people who buy the few Porsche model designed for the inner city (or off road and I struggle to say that with a straight face) are not buying something for the joy to drive, but rather want to let eveyone know that they have a bigger wallet than you.

Comment Re:Wait... (Score 1) 216

Your Silly response is assuming that a) I'm European and b) I'm driving in a disturbing way.

Many places in the world put you on 3 years automatic probation when you first get your licence. You get to display a big P on the back of your car, have a 0.0 alcohol limit, a max speed limit (this one is the dumbest fucking idea in the world), and after 10pm you have a limit of the number of people you can have in the car if no one holds a valid open drivers license. I believe Canada has a similar system though not nearly as strong.

My point remains the same:
a) the ultimate goal of the car would be to get in and tell it where to take you without having to do anything.
b) there's a lot of training and licencing and policing involved with operating a motor vehicle.

Comment Re:Interesting ideas, I have knowledge of one part (Score 1) 136

There are many, many films with actors paid "a normal wage" (thousands of dollars). They are called "independent films". How many have you watched? How many have you bought? Yeah, me neither. Once in a while, those make tens of thousands in revenue, because approximately nobody buys them. On average, they lose money. On the other hand, people bought $787 million in tickets for Star Wars IV.

I watch plenty, and that's where my interesting through comes from: Most of these people are every bit the actors as the big budget blockbusters, heck in many cases they are far better. For some reason a bit of marketing results in a few people being put on pedestals and get suddenly made filthy rich.

It's not "a few copies", it's millions of people skipping out on paying the $2 to stream it.

Yep so a few million people skip on $2 all Keanu Reeves needed to do was take a 1% pay cut for the Matrix and that cost would be recouped.

Obviously they've messed some things up with how they try to handle piracy and all.

Actually with the lawyer comment I wasn't even talking about piracy, I was talking about the IP rules in general. I was talking about the reason we end up with an endless stream of horrible fantastic 4 films all to prevent the IP rights from going to a competing studio. I'm talking about the reason Spiderman isn't in the Avengers (and why it also keeps getting rebooted over and over again). Music industry is no better with one band taking all royalties of another because they used 12 single notes (5 seconds) from an orchestral rendition of one of their songs.

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