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Comment: Re:Authorized resellers (Score 1) 378

I'm in China at the moment. I'm buying cloths for $10. We just spent $40 on a dinner. We fed 4 people and have leftovers for 3 tomorrow. The cab ride home was about 5km and cost $3.

A lot of that sounds too good to be true, but this is the cost of living here. The people have little money and goods are priced accordingly. If I go into a store and buy a chinese version of an ubisoft game legitimately do you really think I'm paying American prices?

Or another example since I'm from Australia, we get screwed with all digital goods prices to the point where the government initiated a royal commission and summoned executives from Microsoft, Adobe, etc to front the hearing on why everything is twice as expensive here (no the bits aren't upside down and it doesn't cost much to put the "u" back into all the words where you omit it.)

For me if I see a digital copy at half the price I definitely do not think it's "too good to be true". I just think it's the normal price someone else pays for it.

Comment: Re:First Sale (Score 1) 378

Are you kidding? Have you played the latest Assassins Creed?

Ok I joke, I never found the series appealing, but people do. They will go out of their way to buy the next game in the franchise despite the bugs, the problems, the poor performance, and will excuse even the crap gameplay and really pushing the friendship storyline because OMG Assassins Creed is so cool.

The same can be said for most other games. If every slashdot user decided to boycot Ubisoft (and many already have) then it won't make an ounce of difference in the longrun.

Comment: Re:The solution is obvious (Score 1) 533

My point was to the GP that there are plenty of devices on the market which receive more than zero updates.

As said I have received 4 updates (that I have noticed I assume 4.4.3 may have been on my phone at some point), and that a 5th one is in the works.

My point has nothing to do with length of support, only that many devices actually have a length greater than zero.

Comment: Re:pirate the games and you get no DRM as well (Score 1) 378

I haven't had malware or keyloggers as a result of a crack or keygen in about 6 years. Believe it or not even in the dirty piracy industry there are reputations to uphold. People who provide torrents etc love to put their name on it and will rather aggressively fight those who use their name incorrectly, especially if they are bundling malware with their otherwise clean installers.

There have also been plenty of cases of pirates calling each other out on their shit. Again its a reputation game.

In generally any savvy pirate would not need to worry about malware any more than they would downloading anything else online. There certainly has been more attempts to push malware down my throat by legit companies than pirates in the past few years. (No Adobe I'm not installing anything from McAfee, no Oracle the AskToolbar can go die in a fire).

Comment: Re:Microsoft would be onto a winner if... (Score 1) 359

by thegarbz (#48909587) Attached to: Windows 10: Charms Bar Removed, No Start Screen For Desktops

... they took the Win 7 desktop + the win 8 kernel and called it windows 10. Job done.

Spoken like someone who's never used a computer with a touch screen let alone a convertible tablet.
No job would not be done there. Windows 7 is borderline unusable in that scenario, a scenario that is becoming increasingly popular as schools and workplaces are rolling out tablet based devices.

Comment: Re:Microsoft would be onto a winner if... (Score 1) 359

by thegarbz (#48909579) Attached to: Windows 10: Charms Bar Removed, No Start Screen For Desktops

Nobody would mind a better OS, but when the GUI has reached the pinnacle of usefulness, why try to force a change?

Your entire point revolves around the idea that the UI has reached the pinnacle of usefulness. I disagree, but I understand why you may not. I assume you use your computer sitting down with a mouse and keyboard?

I use mine like that as well. I also fold my keyboard away and then touch the screen. Sometimes I write on it with a pen. Windows 7 was unusable in this scenario. Windows 8 was woeful. Windows 8.1 was a significant improvement.

Your car analogy assumes that the user will keep using the car the same way and that the vendor is changing the rules. That is not the case. How many motorcycles have you seen with a steering wheel and 3 pedals for control?

The idea of the computer is changing. That change is largely driven by touch screens. For touch screens the UI needs to change. A lot of elements of windows 7 make the UI difficult to use including small touch targets, no gestures, no ability to use it without a keyboard, the inability to detect if the screen was being touched with a tip of a pen or the hand holding the pen etc.

Have we reached some pinnacle now? Heck no, it's a major work in progress. But not everything is a case of change for change sake. This is Microsoft responding to users replacing PCs with tablets, not Microsoft driving (because lets face it they are pretty damn bad at that too).

Comment: Re:The solution is obvious (Score 1) 533

True, but we do get OS updates from only one vendor: the OS vendor. If there's a driver bug or hardware bug, we get the driver update from the hardware vendor. This is not a hardware/hardware driver bug, so the update must come from the OS vendor, google.

The update HAS come from the OS vendor in the form of a point release. This isn't a case of not supporting windows XP. It's a case of complaining that you want a specific patch without installing a service pack.

The OS vendor has done their bit.

Comment: Re:The solution is obvious (Score 1) 533

My device (Galaxy series) shipped with 4.2. I got an update to 4.3, 4.4.1, 4.4.2, and 4.4.4 with a promise that 5.0 is in the works.

And this is Samsung who are apparently bad at this.

You need to pick your vendors a bit more carefully if updates are what you care about.

Comment: Re:The solution is obvious (Score 1) 533

Except when did Microsoft end support for Windows XP without a service pack?

Seriously 4.3 to 4.4 can be largely considered just like a service pack. A few new features, plenty of bug fixes and clearly some security issues were fixed too. Ever try and install Windows XP and apply all sorts of updates without a service pack? The updates refuse to work saying you need SP1.

This is no different except that in the PC world it would be like Dell preventing you from installing Service Pack 1.

Comment: Re:The solution is obvious (Score 1) 533

I ask, what's the difference between Windows XP Service Pack 1 and the a point release upgrade for Android?

Looks like they fixed the bug in 4.3 by releasing 4.4. The fact that you can't get it ... well that is something to take up with the device vendor, and I'm sure you wouldn't be blaming Linus if Dell was blocking an upgrade of a point release for the Linux Kernel.

Comment: Re:The solution is obvious (Score 1) 533

So Microsoft released a service pack for windows and Dell prevented you from installing it, do you attack Microsoft or Dell?

Google gets a nice pass because they are not requesting the end user to pay money, because they have systems in place for updates, because they fixed the problem along with providing some new features just like a service pack does all while providing a point release in version number.

The problem is solved from Google's end. They've even put systems in place so in the future they can resolve it without doing a point upgrade on Android. The problem now is that some asshats in the middle are preventing the updates from filtering down to the users.

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