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Comment Re:Parents (Score 1) 148

Do these people honestly not consider that their kids are watching them speed, failing to indicate, aggressively tailgating and talking on the phone whilst driving and thinking that this is perfectly perceptible behaviour.

Yes and Yes. The circle of influence on children is large and their local social groups have a far bigger influence than their household. As a kid I was not just in my parent's car. I was in their friend's car, in my friend's car, and in my parent's friend's car. As a 16.5 year old I felt an incredible sense of power when I got my license. I belong on the road, and someone told me I could be on that road so screw everyone. I OWN THE ROAD. That's the other thing about being a teenager, living at home with parents my responsibilities extended to not failing school and cleaning the dishes. I didn't buy the car, I've never had a fine, I was God's gift to the earth and damn was I indestructible.

Now here I am many years later and I wonder how I got away with my recklessness. I didn't learn any of that from my parents who always drove slower and more carefully than my grandma.

Comment Re: Are these sponsored stories? (Score 1) 148

You now have a legally discoverable trail of evidence that can be made to show whatever the other party wants to. That your kid drove imperfectly in the past and you did nothing about it would be a good place for them to start.

Good because fuck idiots who can't drive sensibly on the road.

My parents were very clear about this when I got my drivers license. What I do on the road is my sole responsibility. I am not to expect any aid, backup, or even to be bailed out if my actions get me in the shit.

I drive sensibly on the road. Many don't. I wonder if it's because people believe they won't suffer any consequences for their reckless actions.

Comment Re:Amazing news! (Score 1) 157

It's too late because they tried and didn't even make a dent.

Yep, just like Apple did with the Newton?

There are plenty of cases where people have tried something before and failed due to technical or social reasons. The Atom lost on technical merits and they are getting stronger by the day.

Also claiming that Google and Apple were releasing smartphones is utter nonsense. Google and Apple release phones. That's it. They displaced the standard phone and marketed a device at standard people who already had such a phone. If anything their biggest battle was actually the smart phone market which was dominated by Blackberry and in the hands of corporate types the world over. That wasn't as sparse a market as you think, and even less so when you consider they were fighting PDAs at the same time.

Comment Re:try me (Score 1) 157

The privacy setting to turn this off appears to work as expected.

How did you come up with that conclusion? I have both web search and Cortana disabled. Cortana is actually disabled forcefully as "not available in my country". Yet if I hit the windows key and type something I straight away start sending data to Now regardless of whether this contains any usable data at all the expectation is if its disabled it won't communicate, and since Microsoft hasn't come up with any explanation of the format of what is being sent we can only assume the worst: information specifically identifying the machine.

Now as to your comparison to "other operating systems" please actually compare it to operating systems. What you're comparing it to is phones, which if you look back you'll see we complain just as much about. "Other's do it" is not an excuse, especially if those "others" are an order of magnitude different in scope of personal data or priority of their service, i.e. my phone doesn't handle highly sensitive banking information (at least MY phone doesn't), my computer does. If you run AOSP you don't get any of this endless telemetry data. If you run any flavour of Linux or Unix you don't get any of this endless telemetry data. If you run prior versions of Windows you don't get this either as long as you've sanitised your windows updates.

Comment Re:...uhh (Score 1) 168

Engineers are great at picking on specifics and then missing the underlying theme. Both you and the parent have assumed if the signal can be percieved that it can be decoded. This is not a given. This isn't even a given among humans. We with all our history and documentation still have problems deciphering what our own species wrote only a few thousands of years ago. We have only the slightest understanding of animal communication despite studying it since Darwin started playing with bugs.

Putting random nonsensical information without any context into some digitally encoded stream sent via some most probably easy to decipher format on an easy to spot carrier does not in any way guarantee that someone will be intelligent enough to figure out what was said. A lot of piecing together unintelligible content comes from controlled observation much like learning a new language.

You can't stick a baby in a room with a copy of The Martian on repeat and then expect within a few years he'll actually understand what the people were saying, and while the theory is that you can pick up languages through examining the context and lots of different variations the problem for our alien neighbours is they may be picking up either an isolated single signal we beamed out at high power, or they are picking up a shitload of everything in a multitude of languages, coding methods, etc. I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that a species which perceives the same things we do could decipher what we're saying.

Comment Re:Too little, too late (Score 1) 227

Yeah I don't see the complaints. The used market will be determined primarily on the condition of the device and the age of it. No one is going to offer you many dollars less in 2 years for your device because it has a Samsung chip in it. The vast majority of the people don't even know and many of those that do don't even care. It's not like one is a collectors item.

Same thing with the new ones. The only problem you run into is if you don't meet the minimum specs. Getting something extra is a pot luck bonus, and in many cases this has been the way of the PC for a good 15 years, some chips overclock better than others, some are more stable when pushed beyond their normal limits, but the key part is ensuring every chip meets the advertised baseline.

As long as Apple didn't do all the benchmarks on the superior one and then give you the less superior one I don't see a problem.

Comment Re:Yeah, that's sound about right (Score 1) 226

or rather should really earn prison time.

Because the people are inherently dangerous to those immediately around them and thus don't deserve to be part of a population and thus contribute to an over crowded prison system problem despite literally being a hazard to less people than someone driving a car on their daily work commute?

The idea that everyone should be in prison is really explaining the USA's incarceration rate.

Yet somehow you can mow down people with a car in the streets in a drunken stupor and it's all good and fine.

Comment Re:I hate to be THAT GUY... (Score 1) 240

1. "'internally consistent and scientifically accurate entertainment'" Such a thing does not exist, at least not in a way to suit common people. Entertainment is usually science fiction.

2. Not a strawman at all. The parent specifically was calling out on where the facts are wrong. The thing about science fiction is that it is just that, fiction. If the story requires an atmosphere capable of a large storm on mars, so be it. Calling the actions of a person strange is also irrelevant. The times are different. Things we do today would also be considered strange 30 years ago, likewise I see people do strange, daft, and stupid / incoherent things today, so claiming the actions of some person don't make sense ... flat out doesn't make sense.

3. I'm not, I'm attacking you for your stance that a science fictiony movie needs to be scientifically honest, and for supporting "that guy" who whinges about the lack of scientific accuracy in a science fiction movie.

4. For implying that everything is shit or less shit in a thread discussing a movie that is widely considered "not shit", I'm going to call you "that other guy".

Comment Re:It's not what Google wants.... (Score 1) 415

That's what the lovely built in computer that porche provides is for.

Yeah sorry but every attempt by a car company, and companies in many other fields to provide something that they think customers want has paled in comparison to after market offerings, especially when they are backed by a company that employs a shitload of analytics people.

Comment Re:ZFS is nice... (Score 1) 267

Congrats. That's still more money than my server was, even if you take into account the VGA cable I had to buy because of lack of IPMI and every other monitor in the house having a HDMI cable.

In 3 years I've had to access the system from a local console precisely once, when a typo in a script brought down the primary network interface. IPMI has almost zero use case for me and attaching a monitor and keyboard to the server is something that takes the best part of 30 seconds, so it doesn't even warrant a consideration when I buy equipment (actually I'm in the process of upgrading the server now because I need more SATA slots).

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