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Giving the Gift of Ubuntu Linux for Christmas? 235

Posted by Cliff
from the for-all-the-good-boys-and-girls dept.
Father Christmas asks: "This Christmas I have decided to give all of my friends and relatives Ubuntu Linux CDs from the Ubuntu ShipIt service. In addition, I plan to help them backup their old systems, install Ubuntu, and then introduce them to using Linux for their everyday tasks. What sort of post-installation changes should be made to Ubuntu to make it easy for everyday people to use? What extra software packages should be installed? Should I stick with the default Gnome installation, or would KDE be a better choice? Is there anything else that should be done to maximize the utility of their systems, as well as make their first experience with Linux a great one?"

Comment: Kryptochef (Score 1) 117

by thefogger (#15520159) Attached to: Fast File Encryption for Windows?

I would recommend "KRYPTO", or more precise "KRYPTO 2.0/2006 Professional Multi User Professional Data Fullbit Coding Program". The program uses the best encryption possible (called 256 bit fullbit encryption). Read up on it here:


The application even sports a friendly GUI that is easy to use and allows even novice users to encrypt files.

Cheers, Fogger

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